Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm back

well, I am back. 

This summer went sooo fast. I can hardly believe that it is over. Today is the first day of school. Emily is a Jr. (oh my how did that happen) and Sara is a 6th grader. WOW. thank goodness I still have a few more years of our Maddie being home. 

We got home from the Adirondack's last night. It was a wonderful time of family and God's amazing creations. I have piles and piles of laundry and unpacking yet to do but it was well worth it. I Love it up there. Can't get enough. I often wonder if I could live up there for more then a week??? Probably not....

Dom treated me to a restaurant that I have been dyeing to go to for years, in Saratoga Springs. Hattties. It was amazing. I loved every mouthful. Fried Chicken & Sweet Tea.... need I say more.  Many pictures to come from that adventure. I have not dug out my camera yet to download the photos. 

So Hopefully now that school has begun I will be back posting more frequently. I have missed it.  


1 comment:

JERRYIII said...

your photagraphy is great ... thanks for sharing!

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