Monday, January 31, 2011


This winter here in Jersey has been a very interesting one. I have never seen this many icicles. They are so beautiful. For you in the rest of the world that are not lucky enough to be be experiencing the waist high snow, bone chilling cold and the most lovely icicles. I am pretty sure that they can't be good for the gutters.... . I wanted to share it with you. ( I actually really do like my winters this way, my husband strongly disagrees..)

On Friday, I was looking at the window and suddenly started to imagine my wonderful  United States Postal Worker actually delivering my mail.  ( This rarely happens that she gets it to the correct house if she makes it to our house at all.) That is a rant for another day. I think she might just deliver when she feels up to it. WE wouldn't want her to work to hard or do her job correctly. (seriously what kind of a place would it be if when you didn't do your job correctly there might be a negative consequence...) Oh my... anyway I was imagining her walking up the steps and putting the mail in the slot. Then I imagined that the HUMUNGOUS  Icicle hanging above the door falling off and spearing here. As she lay on my front stoop I have to run out and REMOVE the Large icicle from her. ( I watch entirely to much Grey's Anatomy) anyhoo.... she gets up and doesn't even say thank you... and this is what I imagined to happen. I was proud of myself that I made the critical choice to save her. LOL (I have issues.) So here is a shot of the before mentioned killer icicle and some others hanging on our home. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dresdan plate

Well, this is what I have been working on all week. In between shoveling snow and driving kids to school.... So this is going to be a Duvet cover for my down comforter. I am making HUGE 20 inch block 12 of them.... surrounded by beautiful Gee Bends Cream and a pop of Red that goes with the repro 30's fabric perfectly.  Know I realize this is a Lot of work to do for a Duvet... In fact some may call me Crazy.. (we meat a lady named Crazy Amy in Amish Country... seriously) But this is what I really want, so this is what I will make. All it is is a Queen size Quilt Top. Not sandwiched with batting or quilted for that matter. So we shall see what happens. By the way my  husband trys to be encouraging... when I show him each completed dresdan plate he always says the same thing
 "Great Circle, Honey." makes me laugh. 
So these pictures are a bit off, too dark. Took them to late at night. Oh well, you get the idea. 

The End. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

growing up

Well, my baby (she is not my baby but she was for so long that she will always have that place in my heart.) Sara, is going on her first winter retreat. She is leavin' tonight. I won't fret to bad because her Daddy and Uncle are chaperones and my two nieces are going as well. They have a lots of snow. I pray that they will have a wonderful time. These kids are growing up so quickly. (how is this happening I remained 25 and they continue to age) ... a mystery to me. craziness, I tell you. 
So it will just be a quite house this weekend. Emily, Maddie and Honey Momma... (Maddie used to call me that... melts my heart) 

Well, I was going to add a special picture to this post.... But as I sit here and type I just got a text saying that if I put up said photograph this gal will UN-FRIEND me... so I will delete it right now from my post and not share it with  the world.  ( all 21 of you)  I would just Die if Jen unfriended me. I don't think I could live with out her friendship 

Well have a groovy weekend. Looking forward to the quilting I can get down without a husband around to have to cook for and all that other stuff they make us get done... hehehehe

Oh and Jen and I are going to go into the city on Tuesday to wait in a very very long line to catch a glimpse of PW wooohooo! So if you happening to be reading this Pioneer Woman,  I may become tongue tied (which I don't think ever has happened to me...) so I may not be able to tell you that  you have inspired me. Thanks. 

Here are some of my other shots from Lancaster. 


Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had a long post written about sewing and snow days. I got up to make my kids lunch and started to think about my Gramma. She was obsessed with owls. This spoon rest was hers. I think someone made it for her. I dug it out of the archives a few months ago.  It sits on my stove. Whenever I see it I think of her. I miss her a lot these days. 
I know that one day I will see her again. I know that one day we will run around together up in heaven. 
I still miss her. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow. Snow. Snow.

The Snow is falling. 
Beautiful, white, perfect flakes. 
It is so lovely, peaceful  and calming. 
I happen to adore it. 
It makes you have to stay put. 
Slow Down. 
Wonder at the Beauty. 
Thank you, Lord, for all this lovely snow this winter here in New Jersey. 
This is why I love living here. (It sure isn't for the pleasant, kind and thoughtful folks...)
Oh and the other thing that I oh so love about the snow is You get to wear the most lovely footwear... BIG CLUNKY HEAVY DUCK BOOTS. Like the ones we used to wear to muck stalls out at my Aunt's Farm in Pennsylvania. (see I really am a country gal trapped in a outside of the 'burbs girl's body)  

The End. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farmhouse Toddler Bed & Duvet

A while ago I posted that we would be attempting to make Madelyne's new bed The Farmhouse Toddler Bed by Ana White. It was done weeks ago, I just forgot to post shots of it. So we love it. The only thing we had experienced was the crib mattress that we had was bigger then the plans for the bed size.
Being that we are not a read thru the directions before you begin,  (we meaning I) , had to squeeze the mattress in.... oh well, still works. 

I then found a duvet tutorial over at Prudent Baby. Awesome. She did snaps at the end, which I had in my sewing box. It was simple and went together in about 45 min. I really love this fabric! I have had my eye on this Heather Bailey Nicey Jane for ages. So glad that I decided to get this on my trip to Lancaster with Jen. It is so soft and lovely. It reminds me of Vintage sheets. anyway. I   L* O * V * E   it.  I have enough left over to make a little patchwork pillowcase just didn't get to that last night. I will...

So here is all is. The Bed. The Fabric. The Duvet & The Toddler. 

                    yes, I realize this picture is crooked. I was not about to go retake them... Lazy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful Good.

I was blessed to be able to take a Road Trip my dear Friend, Jen. She is what I would call a Kindred Spirit. Kindred Spirit by definition means a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings or features with another. I have actually never had a friend like Jen. We share so much in common that it can only mean this friendship was definitely orchestrated by God. Like the fact that we can road trip to Lancaster County, PA to go fabric shopping and take lots and lots of photographs. We laughed and cried. (well, I mostly cried) and we shared a wonderful good time together. Made some amazing memories and bought some beautiful fabric. 
Here are some of the images from our weekend. Enjoy.  

Oh and it was a high of about 16 degrees while we were there.... brrr.

1930's Repro. I was in HEAVEN. 

pondering fabric @ Burkholders Denver, PA

mmm picked beats

Jen, Taking a shot of me taking a shot. 


Beautiful sun setting over "God's Country"as  Jen, loving refers to it. 

Gina owner of  Bitty Kinna's in Intercourse, PA
she opened up her closed shop so that we could come in. She even designed a
quilt for me while we were there. WOW. One talented lady. 

The First Covered Bridge we found. 

Some of the moo cows we love. 





Young Love


German Shepard that almost ate us. 

Jen, hanging out the window to get this beautiful photograph! Thanks Jen.

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