Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Don't forget if you haven't entered the giveaway for one of 
my littlest beansprouts... its the last day to enter  at Imprintalish.

the Holiday Boutique  that I am in is this weekend, starting Friday night. 
So, my Etsy shop will be closing Friday morning until Monday.

I am a little nervous... Hard putting your creative self right out there on a ledge. 
I have either made way to much or not nearly enough. 

being that i Have never done this before I had no way to judge.
We will just pray for the best... 

And I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by  this entire process of getting ready. 
Tags... Sewing... inventory list... 
I have 63 dolls
4 small monsters
17 medium monsters
9 Large monsters
& I have several berets and boy caps.

Still have 4 more little beansprouts to finish sewing. 

Someone ordered. 

The hardest part about this is.... The person whom I would most 
like to share all this nonsense  with, 
JEN.... missing her like crazy.
 So I promised her I would  take tons of pictures.. and phone pictures
so she feels like she is with me. 

Wish me luck.. 
I will be back to regularly blog post when this event concludes! 

missing you guys! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I had the opportunity to photograph my sister's LOVELY children yesterday. 

I had a good time... 

they are a bunch of clowns. lol

They cooperated and I took way to many shots. 

You can see more if you like on my other blog

anyway, I was looking thru and I was thinking...

I take an awful lot of walking away pictures. 

I LOVE them. 

wonder what that means about me? 


I love our family genealogy. 

It is fascinating to me. 

I guess it goes hand in hand with keeping and collecting photographs for

the family archives. 

I started to see the family resemblances in the men in this family... 

so for your viewing pleasure here goes.... 

 my great great uncle

my grandfather

my Dad

my nephew

This picture is my Great Great Grandfather in front of his Home. 
The home where I took these pictures. 
I believe this is late 1800's

I took this picture yesterday. 

Of his Great Great Great Grandsons, standing in front of his home. 
wow, pretty amazing... if I do say so myself. 
How cool is that? 
How many people can say do that... I imagine not so many. 
well, have a blessed day. I am going to go and sew... 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


It has not been a great fall for us.... 
So I am thankful that it is almost over. 
I am also thankful for my family. 
I took this photo 2 years ago for my Mom and Dad.
It is all their Grandchildren. 

this photo I took Monday. It will be their Christmas Gift.
(I am 99 % sure My Mom doesn't read my blog so... I hope that this will be a surprise.) 
I am not thrilled with my work  
but it was really hard to get the 3 families of kids together 
with Rain, Sickness... what have you it took over a month to coordinate. 
I then took about 350 photos... Monday. 
Got home and started to edit... oh. had my setting's to 3200 ISO. 
I did get about 3 shots that are okay.. It was a bit darker so It worked in my favor. 
I wanted to retake them but it is not going to work. So 
this is what they will get. 

they are a handsome bunch! 
They range in age from 18... that would be our Emily, to 
the youngest, 4 our Madelyne. 
Emily liked this shot...
she is looking down at Madelyne and Maddie is looking up at her. 

And my favorite shot... 
(Dom calls it my signature shot) 

Risked my life... for this one... laying on a road...
What a girl won't do for her art. 

anyway, I am thankful that I was at least able to  take these photographs. 
I am thankful (as Jen pointed out) it wasn't a paying customer that I screwed up on...
and I am thankful for my family. 
I would have to say that they are the most important thing in my life.
I am grateful that I have them. 
That my kids have them. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 
Enjoy your family, 
Eat to much and relax.
Be thankful for the little things. 

Enjoy reading this Psalm

I am most thankful that I am a child of God. 

Psalm 100

A Psalm of Thanksgiving.
 1 Make a joyful shout to the LORD, all you lands!
 2 Serve the LORD with gladness;
         Come before His presence with singing.
 3 Know that the LORD, He is God;
         It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;[a]
         We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
 4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
         And into His courts with praise.
         Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
 5 For the LORD is good;
         His mercy is everlasting,
         And His truth endures to all generations.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

giveaway and a fabulous store.

My dolls, they are in a little store. It is a fabulous store...
It is called The Cherry Hat and it happens to be run my 
my one of my best friends from High School's Mom.
(that was a mouthful) 

She has an amazing eye, she is so creative , wonderful, kind and a generous lady. 
She is very talented and has many items she makes in her store. 

The bibs... 

the stitchery...

attention to all the little details. 

She had a Holiday Open House on Saturday. 

It was beautiful. 

She supports local, handmade. 

It is like an etsy shop.... 

and my favorite part is that you feel like you are walking into her home. 
She has one of those homes... you know the ones. 
You walk in the front door and you feel like family. 
Like you can kick your feet up on the coffee table and relax. 

that is how her store feels. 

It is small and charming. 

my talented Mom, made these beautiful quilted ornaments. 
I think that is called a cathedral window... very intricate and lovely. 

and I love these... old christmas light ornaments. so clever. 

and here is the cherry hat... 

Mrs. Cupano, you have an amazing shop. 
All the best. 

and I am over at 

today with a giveaway of one of my littlest beansprouts. 

hope you come over and visit. 

Happy Thanks Giving Everyone. 



Monday, November 21, 2011


Life is fleeting.

I I had the news today that friends of ours daughter died in a tragic car accident on Saturday. 

I haven't seen this family in years, they in fact moved out to Wyoming years ago. 

But when Emily was little our girls and their older son, would spend lots and lots of time together. 

Their twin girls were born in May and Em is July. 

It hit me hard reading this news on Facebook that she, at 18 years old, was gone from this world. 

What hit me even harder was the fact that I am sure they are not believers. Now, I am praying that I am 

wrong. Perhaps in the years we haven't seen them they grew to know the Lord. I am praying for that. 

I started to think about what I would do if that was us, our family, in that situation. How would I ever recover from that? Would my faith carry me through? Would I be able to live?

What would I do or how should I be behaving differently if every time I saw my girls it was the last time. 

the last kiss, 
the last snuggle, 
the last hug? 
The last harsh word? this last last... is what really got me thinking.... I need to live and love my girls like it is the last time everyday. Because life is far too short for arguing and fighting ... bickering...

 Emily and I have a turmultiotus relationship. I need to "Cut it Out" as my husband would say. I need to love her (all my girls) for who they are. They are all special and wonderful. They are all gifts from God.

 We don't know how long we are here for. But we can choose to use those days we have to be kind and loving. 

and I am going to choose to snuggle just a little longer at bedtime with Maddie , read that  extra book or sing that extra song without thinking... man will she just get to sleep... 

I will listen to Sara, (she likes to talk and tell stories) I will hear her and laugh with her and love her.

I will choose to be kind and considerate, not judgmental of Emily. I will tell her she is lovely inside and out. I will not critic her makeup hair or clothes... I will just love her for who she is becoming. 

like it was the last time. 

Life is fleeting. 


I needed to sew something different.. 
So I went and purchased some polar fleece 
and a bit of ric rac and pom pom's.

And a poncho was born.I think it is just right... and she likes it too. 
Emily helped me with the impromptu photo shoot. 

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