Thursday, November 3, 2011

4 years old

 Happy 4th Birthday, Madelyne Lily.

My how quickly time is flying by. 

((warning this post has a few baby pictures...))
once I got started I couldn't stop. 

Maddie at Birth

The first time her sister's got to hold her. 
my goodness how they have changed so... 

Our little family. 

I can almost smell the sweet baby smell...
man I miss that. 

Maddie wrapped in what she is now her favorite Blanket
a coming home gift from her Great Grandma. 
as soon as she could speak she started calling it her Babbie. 

It's not so pink anymore. 

First Birthday

Oh those cheeks and those pudgy little hands. 

Second Birthday

She loved to sit with her Great Grandma. 

Third Birthday

and this summer.... 

((have no 4 year old picture to put up yet)) 

Happy Birthday Maddie, 

You make us smile and laugh.
You are a Daddy's girl. 
& that's just fine with me. 

You remind us of Emily 
when she was little. 

You are very much like your Great Grandma. 
and you have a blast with Sara all the time. 

You have an amazing imagination and I 
pray that you always will. 

We love you. 
You complete our family in 
the most perfect way. 

God definitely knew we needed you, even when we didn't.
Happy fourth birthday! 


Paul said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie!!!

Jen said...

She is just so beautiful! Happy Birthday Maddie! And are you kidding me with her cheeks and her pudgy hands at 1?!? LOVE the pictures!

Emily said...

oh beautiful girl!!! happy birthday sweetie!!

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