Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy day project day 2

Day 2 
Handwritten note. 

Well, I was so touched by the story Wren  and her family that I sent a note. 

to them . You can read about it here.

It was a not an easy note to write. Actually I wrote it out twice. 

Because what do you say to someone who has stage 4 cancer and is 

in a battle for her life.... 

with 3 small babies? 

I felt like such a complainer after I read her story...

YUP! Complainer! 

I also, sent a little package to someone. 

I hope it brings a smile to her face and some joy to her heart. 

i also , took my kids out and shot some photos of them... yesterday. 

being that Maddie was not at all cooperating and Emily was complaining 

about the bugs and deer poop... 

 I was yelling , " How hard is it to cooperate for some photos"

(not my proudest Mom moment) 

seriously, I always feel the best when I am photographing other people's families 
when I let it just happen. 
Like 3 year olds, not looking into the camera... 
or teenagers complaining... 

but when it is my kids...

well, I just want them to listen and do what I tell them.

I am a horrible mother... they are going to look back at all the

photo shoots I have put them thru and they will grimace at how awful their momma is....

hopefully, they will be in awe of the beautiful art she was creating

(just kidding, people) 

anyway, I love my kids and I love that they are just being themselves.... in these photos. 

(I came to this conclusion  right now...) 

this one is soooo my girls. 

The next three may be my favorite from the whole lot of them. 
I photographed them at the farm house in the town I live in 
that my Great Great Grandfather built and owned. 
They sold it in the late 1800's and built a home across the street. Part
of that property is where we live now. 

Pretty cool.. I LOVE genealogy. 
So these photos to me are pretty neat. 

My kids are standing on the porch of their Great Great Grandparents home. 

Peeking in the windows... 

I love my kids. They make me happy. Even when I would like to wring their necks...

I need to pray for more patience. 


rachael said...

i can completely relate to every bit of this!!!

Jen said...

Oh man I love this!! You captured them so perfectly! It's a good thing they didn't cooperate or else it wouldn't have looked like them! Seriously, these pictures are amazing(as are your kids!).....insert weepy moment for me-wish I was there and had you to photograph my little family :(

hannah singer said...

what great photos! lovely.

Lish said...

I've had those mom moments too...why can't they just sit still for one second? Then do what they want after...yep...funny though, I remember my mom doing the same thing, but I totally appreciate having those photos now :)

Lish said...

Beautiful photos by the way...:D

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