Friday, June 26, 2009

The First Time

Well, here goes nothing kid.... 

My First post and my first quilt. They shall go hand in hand. Forever the two shall be intertwined in my memory.
 Well now  I am not a quilter, I love to sew garments and I LOVE Fabric. My Mother is the quilter. My middle child, Sara, once told me that I am not precise enough to be a quilter. She told this to me when she was the ripe old age of eight.... But nonetheless I have always wanted to quilt. So I went for it. Read a few blogs bought some fabric and gave it a shot. My husband now says I am addicted.... Well just maybe I am. What is so wrong with being enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Blog

Well, I just keep thinking " Who exactly is going to read this" lol I have become fascinated by blogs lately and thought maybe I can do it. I think I can, I think I can........ So here it goes. It reminds me of getting married. I am entering a whole new world .... which is why I posted our wedding photo. Which is really just an excuse to see it... I love this picture it makes me smile every-time I see it. I love how my Husband, Dominic is smiling. I love that he is holding his hand on top of mine. I love that we are running, running into a wonderful future together. anywazz....... snore snore are you still there? I got a bit carried away. thanks for reading my thoughts.
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