Friday, August 24, 2012

t i m e

I am leaving to go spend some fabulous time 
with our family. 
In these beautiful Mountains. 
on this Incredible lake. 

Time spent in the sand. 

with family

 watching my kids grow up. 

maybe LOBSTER dinner... yum

lots of time swimming and discovering
and adventures. 

man I love the time and memories spent on the shores of this lake. 

See, I am jumping for joy! 

Be back in a few weeks. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

run run as fast as you can...

well here it is. 

Here is the post that I tell you I have started to run 

I actually was thinking, don't tell people. 
I think I thought if I don't tell people they won't know if I have failed.
(when I quit)

WHAT! What kind of crazy talk is that. 

YUP,  I am so freakin' hard on myself. 

I am turning over a new leaf. 
I am sick of failing at EXERCISE.

I am running, We started last week. 

We, is my amazing husband (Who HATES running)
he is running with me. 
Pushing me. 

It is lovely. 

I am loving it. 

I am looking for  5k to do in October. 
I am going to sign up for a race and pay for it so that 
I will continue on. 

I have some crazy pink running shoes 
and am running with my iphone strapped to my arm. 
(My kids were totally laughing at me with my phone arm band thingy....) 

Couch to 5K runner is the app we are using. 

Dom has no desire to actually run the 5k he
just wants me to reach a goal that I have set. 

I have had a goal of running a 
5 K 
half marathon
& a marathon
 for as long as I can remember. 

So I am going to start little and work up. 

I actually have to say I am excited. 
Excited to RUN, Reach a goal and show my kids that hard work pays off. 
That you can set a goal and achieve it. 

I may have also been slightly motivated by my 9 year old niece who is
running 5 K (s) 
yup, I certainly didn't want to be shown up by a 9 year old. 

So, I said it. 

there it is out there for the entire world to see. 

Run, Run as fast as you can... 

Friday, August 10, 2012

much overdue

So this folder has been on my desktop for some time. 
I returned home from Georgia in .... MAY. 

Oh well, Here is the BEAUTIFUL 
wonderful, lovely Family that I am so blessed to 
have in my life. 
This is the Second time I have been honored to 
photograph them. 

The first time their were only 3. 
This time.... 4! 

This day was HOT. 
We went later about 4 or 5ish. 
The lighting was incredible. 

Jen's husband is a Dr. and so they brought his 
Isn't that sweet. 

anyway... Love this FAMILY. all of them. 
they are coming for a visit in the Fall and my entire family can't wait. 

they really are loved and missed. 
you can read about Jen and her fabulous family over her 
have a great day. 


Friday, August 3, 2012


I am loving Maternity shoots. They are 
so much fun. no matter how HOT it is. 
This is Brent and Diana's first baby. 
they are having a little girl. 

I knew I wanted to make them a little banner
with their babies name on it. 

I took on this brilliant idea about 2 hours before I had to be there. 

Genius that I am.... (i must work best under pressure) 
I love how it came out. 
They were really surprised 
and loved it. 

Breanna. how sweet. I can't wait to take your newborn
shots in September when you come into this world. 

TO see more from this shoot please visit

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