Friday, August 10, 2012

much overdue

So this folder has been on my desktop for some time. 
I returned home from Georgia in .... MAY. 

Oh well, Here is the BEAUTIFUL 
wonderful, lovely Family that I am so blessed to 
have in my life. 
This is the Second time I have been honored to 
photograph them. 

The first time their were only 3. 
This time.... 4! 

This day was HOT. 
We went later about 4 or 5ish. 
The lighting was incredible. 

Jen's husband is a Dr. and so they brought his 
Isn't that sweet. 

anyway... Love this FAMILY. all of them. 
they are coming for a visit in the Fall and my entire family can't wait. 

they really are loved and missed. 
you can read about Jen and her fabulous family over her 
have a great day. 



Paul said...


Sean and Kristin said...

you are fabulous, those are gorgeous pictures and of course they are a gorgeous family :) truly enjoyed seeing them!!!

Jen said...

We had a fabulous time(as always!)! Wish I didn't have a post-baby body in those shots, but 'tis life. At least the kids are so cute that most of the focus is on them ;)

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