Sunday, February 28, 2010


We had the pleasure of going to watch my Niece Linnea swim today! We had a good time and i got to take a lot of pictures : ) Yay for me. So here it is. How we spent Sunday morning.

The kids are outside now with their father building snow forts. I will have more pics of that later. What do you get when You have a Marine build a snow fort...... (the next blog) Stay tuned it is edge of your seat exciting.... lol

Talking to her coach

This is one of My nieces friends.
I love the expression on her face.
She had just finished swimming & was getting her time.

Sara & Nea

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Friday, February 26, 2010

And yet another snow day....

Out the back window.

The Truck he spent the last 22 hours in!

This has been one of the worst winters that I can remember in years. I happen to L-O-V-E it but there are some that are sick of it. It has been snowing as I sit and write this for now more then 24 hours. It began yesterday morning at around 6 am. My husband left around 11 am to go out and start plowing. He was our for about 22 hours. He came in an hour ago to rest up and then go back out. I have been instructed to wake him when I put Maddie down for her nap. That is around 12. all I can hear from the monitor is zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So what do we do when it snow's? Well, the teenager usually pouts because she is stuck in the house with her mother and 2 sister's.... but I love it. I think these days when we aren't allowed to slow down and stay home, it force's us to do so. I Love to just sew, bake, cook suppers that take a little longer to prepare, hang out with my children and usually end up doing loads upon loads of laundry. I love not being able to even get to the car. Or out the front door for that matter. I know that it can't last that much longer.... (winter that is) it is almost March. But I will enjoy that beauty of the blanket of white.... while it is here. I think it may help us to appreciate the beauty that Spring has to offer!

It is still snowing and is not supposed to stop until Tomorrow morning.

Good Grief that is a lot of snow!

View out the front window.

Sara made Maddie soup for breakfast. She loved it.

My messy sewing area.
I am working on a quilt for the family room.

The new fabric for my quilt. All repro 30's. My Favorite!

One of the blocks not even close to being finished.
Thank goodness for the snow so I can get some sewing done today : )

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Isn't she a beauty : )

Wow! Things just have a way of working out (when you try being patient and let them) that is.
Well we went and picked up the piano yesterday for Sara (on her bday) She came home from school and there it sat in the living room. I may have been more excited then she was... It was a lovely day. My little girl turned 11. How come every year seems to go faster? I can't help but think that time is just soaring right past me. I wish that we could just grab it to slow it down a bit.
I reminisce (every year that Sara's b day comes) what a beautiful gift this child is to me. God really gives us just what we need just when we need it. I am a true believer in this. The long details of my life surrounding the birth of Sara were not easy ones. IN fact if I told them to you, You just may not believe me... I will not get into the nitty gritty but my marriage was not in a good place for the later part of my pregnancy and 2 weeks after she was born my husband walked out on us. (yes, same husband as i have now) ((that is another day....if you know what I mean)) So here I am with a newborn and a 5 year old. Never having been on my own a day in my life. Get the picture. Doesn't look so promising. But I put my eyes upon the Lord. He got me thru it. Successfully. It wasn't always easy. It was downright hard, but I did it. Only because I trusted the Lord.
God, just blessed me with Sara. She got me thru each day. (so did Emily) Sara gave me reason to get up and live. She was the easiest baby. Her birth was as well. It was all a beautiful gift to me from God. So I take time to remember what God did for me every year on her birthday. Enjoy your children. They are truly gifted to us.

By the way, I don't want anyone to think that I didn't bake my girl a cake on her bday... ( you can clearly see in the top photo that I purchased angel food cake.) She loves this so I prepared strawberries macerated with a little oj and sugar, & lots of freshly whipped cream. Yum. We usually go out for dinner on bdays. We stayed in and I cooked. I made french onion soup,(which took about 4 hours to whip that up) London Broil, yummy baked potatoes rubbed with kosher salt and oil so the skins are delish!!! and brussel spouts roasted with lemon and then finished in the pan with butter and lardons. YUM! (Em loved those, Sara not so much) : ) I even set the table with candles. It was very lovely! Sara thought so too!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Can someone, anyone, please tell me why when you are waiting for something it never arrives? I am finding that the more that I long for this to arrive the more impatient I am becoming. (this cant be good) add it to the list of things that I need to seek therapy for. Things that you don't want to come always arrive right on time.... that is a slap in the ol' face now isn't it!

Oh well, I guess I should tell you what I am waiting for. Sara has been asking for piano lessons. Since about October. So I have been searching for a decent piano for her.
My plan was that we would have one by now and it would be her gift for her birthday. (I should not try to make plans they never seem to turn out) Anyway, I found one on Craigslist on Friday. Yes! Score! ding ding ding.... I found the perfect piano just exactly what I was looking for, at the right price it was only in a town about 15 minutes from us. So I emailed the Craigslist listing.... Please call here is my number(s) I am very interested in purchasing the piano that you listed on Thurs..... yada yada yada. I thought (there I go thinking again) Oh give it a few hours. Everyone checks their email every few seconds (right) haha (Sunday no call). it is only
8:30 am
So I am hoping and praying that maybe , just maybe, they just packed up and whisked them selves up to Stratton for a long weekend of skiing and hot toddies. : )
Maybe, just maybe, I will get a phone call today. So that my plan can come to fruition and Sara will have her bday gift on Tuesday.

Do you think, Maybe, just maybe, that God is telling me to be patient?

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

winter wonderland... a few days late

I like to call this one Texting in the snow.....

After we all warmed up by the fire : )

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Friday, February 12, 2010

things I love

1. I love the sound of my 2 year old singing.

2. I love when you finish a project that you have been procrastinating to get done.

3. I love when someone surprises me by cleaning up the kitchen : )

Em does this for me quite often : )

4. I love to see the JOY that abounds when one of my kids does something that they didn't think they could do.
Sara scored her first basket last night in! It was a foul shot!

5. I love the way it feels when you watch the man that you adore loving the children God has gifted you.

6. I love how I feel after I have worked out hard. That sore feeling that makes you know you worked your butt off.

I do not have a picture of this so use your imagination.....

7. I love to see my lulu running.

8. I love the smell of a newborn baby.
& That little cupids kiss : ) Oooh how I love that!

9. I love looking at my children and seeing all the potential in them.

10. I love expressing my self thru my photographs.

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