Sunday, February 21, 2010


Can someone, anyone, please tell me why when you are waiting for something it never arrives? I am finding that the more that I long for this to arrive the more impatient I am becoming. (this cant be good) add it to the list of things that I need to seek therapy for. Things that you don't want to come always arrive right on time.... that is a slap in the ol' face now isn't it!

Oh well, I guess I should tell you what I am waiting for. Sara has been asking for piano lessons. Since about October. So I have been searching for a decent piano for her.
My plan was that we would have one by now and it would be her gift for her birthday. (I should not try to make plans they never seem to turn out) Anyway, I found one on Craigslist on Friday. Yes! Score! ding ding ding.... I found the perfect piano just exactly what I was looking for, at the right price it was only in a town about 15 minutes from us. So I emailed the Craigslist listing.... Please call here is my number(s) I am very interested in purchasing the piano that you listed on Thurs..... yada yada yada. I thought (there I go thinking again) Oh give it a few hours. Everyone checks their email every few seconds (right) haha (Sunday no call). it is only
8:30 am
So I am hoping and praying that maybe , just maybe, they just packed up and whisked them selves up to Stratton for a long weekend of skiing and hot toddies. : )
Maybe, just maybe, I will get a phone call today. So that my plan can come to fruition and Sara will have her bday gift on Tuesday.

Do you think, Maybe, just maybe, that God is telling me to be patient?

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