Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I began to look thru my photos from the past year. 

I was really drawn to this one. 

It spoke to me. 

I have been dealing with some 

things lately. 

Things I don't really want to deal with. 

Somedays I  feel like that lost little child.

I don't want to feel like that. 

My husband did something yesterday that made me 

cry tears of joy

and think. 

He commented on my blog. 

I know that he reads it every once in awhile, 

But he wrote me the most lovely, 

heart felt comment.

It means more to me then any comment that I have ever been left.

(and I LOVE comments) 

He tugged at my heart strings. 

He reminded me of what is important. 

 & that God is in control. 

I need to let Him be in control. 

I love my husband.

I have known him 

almost 21 years. 


He knows me better then I know myself 

(most days)

I am thankful for him. 

He may not bring me flowers, 

He may not buy me fancy things. 

But He won my heart and

that means the WORLD to me. 

the end.


Monday, May 23, 2011

the end of the world, piano recitals, almost 2 years.... & a move to Georgia

I think I need to explain the picture below (Emily may kill me if she
see that I posted this shot) 
Sara had her Spring piano recital on Sat night. 
Just about the time Harold Camping said the Rapture would be 
happening. (If those people only would read Matthew 24 they
would see no one knows... except God) 
anyway, This whole End of the world judgement day was really 
really on Emily's mind. It really bothered her.... (she get's like that)
I told her, "Em, do you know where you are going" she said "yeah, Ma"
"Okay, then it really doesn't matter..." She just gets her self into a funk about things like
that. anyway, everyone (and by everyone I really only mean her Father) was teasing her.
and thus this lovely photo was born,
I actually quite like it. 

Do you think I would get a nice one? nah that would be to easy...
I do have some pretty kids though..

goof ball.... 

and here she is playing. 
She never plays with her music, but
she only learned her second peice about a month before.
It was Barrlow Girl, Mirror. 
She also played Pachabel's  Cannon.

I am so proud of her. 

SO, I just realized that it is almost my blogiversary.. (is that a word? ) oh well. 

I started blogging 2 years ago in June. 
It seems like so long ago,
but at the same time it feels like time hasn't even passed..
I realize this is a condescending and odd statement....

oh well, that's me... take it or leave it.

So anyway I figure I better do something like have a giveaway.. 
I will think of something and let all 48 of you know by the end of the month.
By the way it is a personal goal to have 100 followers by then,

just kidding...

50 will do just fine.

Next subject,
A woman (and her family) that has become much much more then just a friend 
is making a huge move in just a few short short weeks. 
I knew this day was coming... 
I just didn't expect it to come so soon.
June 19th is the BIG M day.
(moving day)

I know that I will talk and chat and blog and FB and text with her
while we will be so far apart...
Which in someways will make it easier, 

I just will miss her so much. 

I haven't had a friend like Jen, 
well, maybe ever. 


you know.... 
it is kinda crazy. 
But, God has all this planned out. 
I know that I will be driving 12 hours down to 
see her... 
(aubrey and zach too.)
Dom said I could go anytime I want.
Sara offered to come with so that she could stay and babysit 
Maddie and Aubrey! 

SWEET. love that kid. 

but I am still gonna miss her. 

 have to end with this crazy picture of Sara.... 
I think she was singing or something... LOL 

the end.

 Sorry for the loooong wordy post. 

Voile scarf

Voile Scarf

I purchased some of Ana Maria Horner's Voile  .....

it is the most soft cotton that you have ever felt. 

It almost feels like silk. 

It is thin and sheer and lovely. 

I purchased some of it a week ago.

I made this beautiful scarf.

I added these little pink pom poms... 

(I think I may just be addicted to little pom poms they are so cute. )
I wish I had bought a yard. I only bought 1/2.

I am dreaming of what I can create with this. 

it is a little tricky to work with because it is so slippery but don't let
that stop you. 

 It is amazing! The colors are fabulous!  

Hope you try some. You will LOVE it. 

the end.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

this is how we roll....

So I had a pretty crappy day yesterday. 
I mean on a scale from 1 to 10 it was a 15...
I am so hurt and can't get it out of my head. 
So, woke up early, (i am not a morning person..)
one the one day where I could have slept a bit.
 I was looking thru my photos 
and decide to post 

 You see they are nothing special, but they mean the world to me. 
They are just ordinary things that happen on a daily basis that I get to do with my children. 
I was asked yesterday why my 3 year old is not enrolled in school. 
and this was by a woman who has a 2 year old and goes to my church. 
I said ,"No she is not in school, she is home with me."
woman.." are you enrolling her in school for the fall?" 
me.."No, and she won't be going to school,
if she goes at all , until she is 6."
in a condescending tone.... 

I love that my kids are home with me. 
I know that it is a blessing that they are. 
I do not take it for granted because you see 
I had to go out and work with my second, Sara 
I only had 2 years at home with her before I 
had to work 40 some odd hours a week. 
(I was blessed that my sister love and cared for her
at that time for me.) 
It was not my choice to go and work. 
I would never have chosen  to do that.
It pained me everyday that I had to leave her...
I still hate to think about it.)
It has left a tremendous scar upon my heart. 
So, No my daughter who is 3 is not going to be 
dumped in daycare . 

And for those people out there that might say 

keeping your kids home may put them at a disadvantage,
well, here is the thing,
My 3 year old can make a delicious
 egg salad sandwich,
wearing googles and being so excited that she did a good job
and is a great helper.

I love being a Mom. I love staying home and being blessed by my family.
I adore that God has given me 3 amazing children and a fabulous husband.
I love that God restored my marriage to my husband and that I 
got to marry him twice... (u read that right) 
and I love that I have been blessed with the gift to work with my hands and create.
I love that God allows me to stand up for myself and have a voice. 

This is not even what happened to make my day so awful yesterday, but it did happen and
was on my mind... Sorry if I was standing on a soapbox ....but it is my blog.

The End. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain go Away


Go away, 



Another day.... 

I have an amazing daughter
(well, I have 3 but the middle one)

Is pretty amazing.

She told Madelyne to go and get her Wellies on
so they could go and jump in the puddles. 
In the pouring rain! 

While they were out there they found a worm.

Maddie wasn't so sure about that....

Sara liked it...

I am so proud of my girl! 

until she tried to eat the worm!

the end.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Who knew toweling was so stinkin' cute? 

We happened upon the cutest new fabric store 
it is only about 10 min from me...

(uh oh)

This store is amazing. 
Amy Butler
Heather Bailey
Anna Maria Horner
Riley Blake
Michael Miller
need I say more? 

I immediately knew when I walked in
that this place was going to become a special place...
Okay, those of you who LOVE and adore fabric 
know exactly what I am talking about. 
(to those of you who don't I suggest you go to
a fabulous small privately owned store
 and get hooked.)

any ol' who...

She had some amazing toweling by MODA.
and I fell in LOVE.

I knew that I would place it upon my table. 
I bought some cute red pom pom trim 
came home 
ironed it and sewed the pom pom trim on 
placed it on my table 
and it was that easy. 

I started to think about what you could make
place mats,
cute little cafe curtain...
the possibilities are endless. 
and for 6 $ a yard,
It would be fun to change things up for summer.

Have  a great Tuesday. 


the end. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Giraffe take 2

I Loved the Giraffe Shirt that I made for
Maddie so much. 

 I had originally thought that it would be great on a bag. 
I had envisioned a big canvas bag. 
But what I found instead was a  bag made from cotton jersey
and you can wear it like a sling. 

I used my Amy Butler Soul Blossoms to create this giraffe.
I think it worked out just right. 
I ended up cutting the chenille on the bias and
I like the look ( it also doesn't fray as much when you wash it.) 

Just  a side note... 
If you end up making one of these
It takes forever to dry.... 
It has 5 layers of fabric. 
I might suggest a few less
for a shirt. 
( & Wouldn't this be cute on a little denim jacket.... )

Thank you Maddie who decided she wanted to 
be included in these pictures
Hardly ever happens. 

The last one is my favorite. 
My phone started to ring 
and she broke out into a dance,
that is so Madelyne. 

This bag is going to Maddie's favorite friend, Aubrey. 

The End.  


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