Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I accompanied Jen into NYC on Sunday afternoon
to make a LARGE purchase.
We traveled to B&H!!


She bought a lens. 
She is happy, very happy. 

I found and test drove my next lens. 
it just so happens to be that I fell in LOVE with 
that lens which is a SUPER WIDE ANGLE. 

 Here it is.. AMAZING.. they guy was not that far away from us, 
doesn't take much to make me happy.
We spent some time there. 

then went on a walk. 
we went to an amazing little cupcake place called 
Baked by Melissa. 

mmm mmm
Although, I really only had a tiny bite as my 
vulture children ate every last crumb.

Then we walked to Times Square.

We then walked to the Fashion District and peeked into 
the windows (everything was closed)

We walked for awhile.

  Jen called this "The Rapture"
love it! 

And finally Jen took me to the BEST Gyro
place ever! 
(should have gotten a shot of that gyro... you would all be drooling
over it's goodness)

Really amazing. 
We Laughed. 
We Laughed some more.
& had a really great day.



Jen said...

That was such a great day! Thanks for sharing it with me and helping me pick my wonderful new creeper lens! Your pictures are beautiful!!

Paul said...

Nice shots...& very cute picture of you & Jen

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