Friday, April 29, 2011

Da Bronx.... zoo

The Bronx Zoo.

It is wonderful.


&  free on Wednesday's.

YUP!  That is correct. 


(well, suggested donation)

Plus, if you park on Boston Road you don't have to pay for parking and 
you can go in the back entrance , which there is 

(better then waiting 90 minutes with all those people to get in) 

We went with our friends, Jen & Aubrey,

to celebrate Aubrey's upcoming 3rd birthday.

What a beautiful day we had. 

I even let Sara play hooky and come with us.

(she only missed a 1/2 day.. don't call the truancy police on me.)

We saw so many amazing animals.

Every-time I go to the zoo,

I am reminded what a wonderful imagination

God had when  created all of them.


 Here is Aubrey reading the ''KEEP OFF GRASS" sign to Maddie... 

Maddie is paying close attention to Aubrey's instruction....

 Here is another shining example of my strong-willed child 
cooperating for a picture.

Where is Maddie? 

Oh there she is....


Oh, Spring how I love you. 
but by the end of the day my eyes were swollen I couldn't stop sneezing and
my nose was running. 

I forgot to start my day with some Claritan... oops. 

but the Cherry Blossoms were lovely. 



Jen said...

Um, I think I'll have that cherry blossom print in an 8x10 please;) Such amazing pictures, but I'm not surprised, it was a wonderful day and you're just a fabulous photographer! Aubrey telling Maddie to stay of the grass was classic! I have a shot of aubrey telling Maddie to be quiet in the rhino den:) Love those girls!

Paul said...

Really great pics of the Animals, too...perhaps you should go on a real Safari 1 day & test your mad photog skillz'!!

...& love the title of this post...nicely done! ;)

CaseyWiegand said...

in love with these lovely pics!!!

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