Thursday, April 28, 2011

Space Farm Zoo and Museum.

While the kids had Spring Break 
my Mom took us to Space Farms. 
The kids love it! 
Especially Emily. 

An Oriole was just sitting on this fence... Lovely.

Bears... playing in this tree. They were chasing each other up and down.
So cute. Maddie loved to watch them.

It was a beautiful day but windy! 
Sara also took my camera... 

I am not in many photos... but Sara got this one of me holding Maddie. 

Here is Emily feeding this Scottish Cow...
He got me with his horns...
This is so Emily. 
She has always always LOVED all creatures.

What a fun, windy day. 


1 comment:

Jen said...

Beautiful shots! Love the one of you carrying Maddie too, great shot Sara! Looks like it was a great day:)

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