Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Trip

Crayola Factory Trip
Easton, PA

my husband told me to write this on this cool wall that the kids could write all over.
he is so cute.
Here we are all 5 of us. I am the one over on the side bent sideways... taking the picture.
It was my husbands idea... GOOD one! 

We decided to take a day trip and headed to the Crayola Factory yesterday.
It is about an hour and 15 minutes from us. 

I guess that everyone had the same idea. 
It was really crowded. 

The kids had a good time. 
It was fun to get away.

I also saw in my planning that about 5 miles from Crayola Factory 
was a Chic-fil-a
Hobby Lobby.


I convinced my husband that we should visit both these places.
I have read a ton about Hobby Lobby but I have never been.
It did not disappoint. 

It had me when my husband read the sign  on the door.

Closed Sunday for family and worship.

I love that.

 Chic Fil A for dinner...

Diet went right out that window. 


IT happened to be family night and the giant cow was walking around.
Madelyne did not like that cow one bit.

She was still talking about that cow when she went to bed last night.

It was a fun trip. 
Nice to spend the day all together.

Cool display where you paint with wax.

Maddie painting with the wax.

Model Magic Time.
Did you know that if you buy a giant tub of white you can
color it any color by putting a tiny bit of marker on it and kneading it.

Emily made this pencil topper. 

Maddie writing on the walls.

Dom and Sara writing. 



You put your painting in a dryer and wait for it to come out the other end. Maddie was obsessed with this. 


Emily said...

what an awesome day!! i could so eat me some chic fil a right about now....


Jen said...

Love all the pics! Your girls are the best, all of them! Dom is so sweet...would he be horrified to read that?!? Oh're a softy Dom, deal with it;)

Amy said...

HAHA.... he is a softy. LOL

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