Friday, September 30, 2011


 I have made it to PINTREST... WOW way cool. 

 if you want to check it out and be excited for me too... 

In other news...

I have been collecting selvage edges forever. 

and I finally made something with them. 
A little book to hold my needles. 

without further ado 

May I present my

Selvage edge needle book

Added a little ric rac and a cute vintage button. 

ps. sorry about the crappy lighting it has been raining here for about a week.
p.s.s.  Please people I am begging you... to hit the follow buttton. My husband said when I hit 100
we are gonna party! WOOT WOOT! lol 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

sewing, sewing, sewing

So the irony of my unfortunate accident is....
The only chair that is at all comfortable to sit in is my
Chair that caused me so much pain in the first place...

So,  I have been sewing. 
Sewing & sewing & sewing. 

Making little tiny dolls... 
I worked on this pattern for about 12 hours.
Not kidding. 
I saw teeny tiny dolls on etsy and was inspired and determined 
to figure out a pattern and make 10 inch dolls. 

It was not easy... 
10 inches is small. I mean really really small. 
Plus I have never drafted a doll pattern before in my life..
Maddie is having a blast with the prototypes... 
It only took 6 dolls... 

Yes, SIX. 
they are cute and really little. 

 Once I actually figured out the final pattern,
 I thought...
A skirt and a beret perhaps. 
YUP. What little dollie doesn't need a beret. 

I am so happy that I had a crazy fall cracked my coccyx bone
and had to sit and sew.... 
Because If I hadn't I wouldn't come up with these little

(and About 40 other stuffed things that I have made in the last week)

out dining room is being over run. 
with Monkeys, Monsters and Dolls. 

BIG & little.  

I have plans for a craft show in November. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

for you

I have been playing with some graphics and my photos &   I am loving that
I am figuring all this out. 

{{ please feel free to grab these images}}
I made them for all of you as a thank you for reading my blog. 
If you don't already follow me,  I am asking that you would and 
would you 
leave a comment telling me that you enjoyed 
the graphics.
It kinda makes my day.  

The first picture is because I feel like I need to just Give thanks 
for everything that I am going thru in my life right at this moment. 
I am trying to be glad for all things, good and bad. 

and the second is because I sang that song to all my babies, It is one of my favorites! 
I took that picture in Virginia this summer at the side of the road. 
I just couldn't get over the glory of God's creation for us. 
Just how happy it made me as I drove along. 

and have a lovely day! 

I am sure i don't need to say it but obviously these images are for you 
don't go and try to sell them or anything. 



I have come to the conclusion that my life is not now or ever going to be easy. 
I suppose this is GOD's way of blessing me.

 ((feel free to take this graphic it is in High Res just for you))

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So  when did it become acceptable for MEN (or anyone for that matter)
to just curse in public? 
I fear that having any manners at all is a thing of the past. 
Especially where I live. 
Maybe it is only up North? 
{Please, tell me it is not like this in the rest of this country.} 
Most Men are not gentlemen anymore, and
it is rare that anyone says Please and thank you... 

 I was in the parking lot of a bakery today with my 2 daughters and my 2 nieces. 
My oldest niece and I got out of the car and were standing 
waiting to cross the road when a man with his window rolled down 
started to curse 
at the man in the car behind him. 
I Yelled "Sir, watch your Mouth their are children and women 
To which his answer was "he wasn't talking to me." As he got out of the car 
he walked closer he continued to spout out that he wasn't directing those statements at me....
I told him," it didn't matter who he was speaking to He could have said it without the cursing" 

The thing is he just didn't get it... 
He didn't get why I was asking him to watch the profanity spewing  forth from his mouth. 
this was not a young man either. 
He was a man of probably 60.

He couldn't seem to drop it and really was annoyed by me. 
He came over to me while I was in line at the bakery. 
again telling me, 
"that the guy was on his butt... "

Sir, I understand that but I just asked you to watch your mouth. 
My kids don't need to hear that language... I don't need to hear that language.

With that he told me again... "That guy was on my A**" 


Sir your mouth! 

he walked away.

He didn't get it. what a moron. 

this happens a lot around here.
I tend to say something, more people should say something , 
I think anyway. 

{Jen would have wanted to die....  }
My Niece thought it was awesome! 

My question is why do we tolerate this anyway? 
Why don't more people stand up and say something? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, I cracked my coccyx bone. Yup. I did. Who does that? I can't sit at my computer I just have to lay on my side.... So I bring you this post from my iPad. I beleive that I have learned from this experience, that I have the best sister in the world and Maddie is going to be sensitive and caring just like Sara.

All I planned on doing on Monday was to sit and sew. I have some dolls and stuffed animals I am working on. The stuffed animals I designed and am so excited about sharing with the world... Okay, maybe not the world.... I had cut out about four of them, just finished the first one..... Got up from my machine.... Maddie was watching peppa pig on my computer .... When I got up from my chair she turned it... ( it is a vintage wooden desk chair) it had been my great uncles and my mom gave it to me. I adore that very hard wooden chair. I didn't know that she had turned it. When I went to sit back down, well, the rear end met the hard feet of the chair....

It was pretty painful, in fact for a moment I thought I had probably done something like
Paralyzed myself. I couldn't get up.... Maddie quickly got down to help me. She went and got a pillow for my head... Then she opened up the freezer and got me the ice pack. Then she pulled up her little stool to the kitchen phone and picked it up and started saying into it " Daddy daddy mommy is hurt, she needs you." unfortunately she is 3 and doesn't realize you can't just pick up the phone and talk into it..... Made me sorta smile. She kept asking if I was ok and was looking for my cell phone. See found it and brought it to me. I called my sister. She got over here so quickly and took care of me. beth if you reading this,I love you. Thank you for being my amazing sister.
Anyway, she ended up taking me to the er... And we ended up laughing about this only happening to me. Well, the dr told me I had cracked my coccyx bone, I said " so what your saying is I have cracked my ass...?" my discharge papers say, fractured coccyx bone, my instructions are padded toilet seat and doughnut when needed.... ( hmmm doughnuts when needed yum.) it also said rest ughh! We laughed and laughed.. Which really hurt. You don't realize how many things involve that coccyx bone... Like her is a little something I learned last night... Sneezing, wow. Really painful. They gave me a prescription for vicoden. Which I will not take... Sleeve helps so I will just stick with that.
Oh well, bring on the jokes.... It hurts like heck. And it is pretty funny.
My husband. Couldn't beleive that I sat in a chair without first looking at it.... And I am thankful for it not being worse then it is. They said I have to just rest.... Hard to do when you have three kids.... Although they are being really helpful. My mom and sister are cooking for me... And it's almost like a vacation.... Except really boring...... I just want to get sewing.......... Oh well.

Ps the night before I did this I actually sewed thru my finger.... Yes, with my machine. I have to tell your at as bad as this sounds ( and the fact that the needle broke off in my finger) it wasn't as painful as I always imagined it would have been... ( yes every time I sew i worry about that happening) I know I am a strange bird.
Do you think God is trying to tell me something ? If anyone has a clue what it might be feel free to let me in on it! Enjoy your day. I will try and enjoy mine from the sofa. I don't think I can get any injuries from here. Lol


Saturday, September 17, 2011

blog feature day

I am going to start a day when I feature  
(well, hopefully I can keep up....)
a Blog that I read.
a blog that touches me or
inspires me. 
 It's the whole reason I started blogging to begin with. 
So without futher ado.... 

This summer I found and started reading a 
blog called 

At first it was all about her photography, her style... 
but her words and her Faith are
beautiful & inspiring

She was featured on Shine Project .  
Please go and read this ... 
Get a box of Kleenex handy, gals. You will need them. 
It may change your Life


be inspired. 


Friday, September 16, 2011


Well, this is not the post I intended to sit down and 
write today
with that said, I will just say it. 

Our smart and  beautiful oldest daughter, Emily
has decided that next year when she
graduates high school she is 
going to go to Cosmetology school. 
This school is a Paul Mitchell Academy. 
We went to visit it last Spring and it is amazing .
Seriously, it is not just Beauty School...
I always think of Pinky for Grease when Someone
utters Beauty School.

I think it has gotten a bad rep. 

anyway, if she wanted to be a garbage girl (they make good money)  or 
a zoo keeper.. maybe a neuro surgeon, well it wouldn't matter, we 
would love and support her decision. 

Yesterday, someone who calls themselves a responsible adult made a
statement that floored me. 
this gal, asked her over Facebook  what colleges she was 
looking at for next year. 
She replied that she was going to go to  beauty school. 
then the person, private messaged her that 
she is much to pretty and smart to 
go to beauty school and she should consider 
going to college...


What a dingbat. So what she is saying is anyone who 
can't cut it and go to college.... is wasting their life? 
all those blue color workers... plumber's, electrician's...artist's
garbage men... hairdresser's.. waitresses'... MOM's. need I go on? 

So I have been pondering this statement since yesterday morning. 
THere are many things I would like to say
back to this friend of mine... but
it wouldn't be very Christ like and 
I am not sure how to approach this subject 
without the Mamma Bear Claws coming out. 

Emily, has always had a tough time in school. 
It just has never been her thing. She LOVES going to school.
She loves the social club that it allows her 
but the academics.. well not that she isn't smart (SHE IS) 
they just never have really mattered to her. 
now, give her something that she 
is interested in and she takes off. 

So I hate when people choose 
to try and help kids... 
that have no idea what on earth they are saying...
How it will effect them. 
How the WORDs that they utter
can cause damage and hurt. 
They can make people feel poorly and 
just not good enough. 

My Emily is a bright and shining star. 
For I know that she is wonderfully made. 
I know that GOD has a plan for her life 
and that whatever it is that she does 
she will do it amazingly because she 
has a mighty and powerful creator. 
Psalm 139 : 14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Jeremiah  29 : 11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
you hope and a future.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have I  mentioned that I have been 
keeping busy with some embroidery??
Well. I have. 
This first piece took me about 3 weeks to complete. 

I have no way to show you how gianormus this actually is... 
I was going to frame it and then thought it would be fun to stick it in a gigantic 
hoop. and put a little Amy Butler Soul Blossoms on the side. 
{I am sure my Mother will think that I ruined it by doing that..}

Oh well, i thought it was fun. 

Every single letter was different. 

i think that Q was my favorite. 

and I really loved the X...

Z was pretty cute too. 

this next one is a Sarah Jane pattern. 
Except there are supposed to be 2 boys in the picture.
but since I was blessed with  3 girls 
I only did them.

That little girl... with the french knot hair... 
reminds me of Maddie with her curls. 

I haven't figured out where to hang them but I 
think maybe going up the stairs would be a 
cute spot for some hoop art. 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new ventures

Well, I am excited. 
I am going to be selling some things in a local shop. 
It is called the Cherry Hat.

It is an amazing shop where she has items from local 
artists and  lots of vintage items.

Right up my alley. 

So I made up some tea towels, to start with.  
I am hoping to do some other things. 
maybe start an etsy... 
maybe some local shows. 

I thought they were pretty cute. 
Loved the seed packet fabric I found by Lakehouse. 

Wish me luck... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pin bag / clothespin bag

I have been sewing... YAY ME! 

Sewed all day Monday... 

sewing today. 

Sewed up a little clothespin bag. 

Out of some Heather Bailey canvas. 


 Embellished it with a little embroidery 

& ric rac


 Love it. 



Saturday, September 10, 2011

sewing Saturday

Today, I will be doing this. 

Well, actually tonight.. when I get home with my machine.

And Praise God. The Rain up here in the North has ceased! 
Please pray for people up here as they have now been flooded out of their homes
twice in the last few weeks. 

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