Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, I cracked my coccyx bone. Yup. I did. Who does that? I can't sit at my computer I just have to lay on my side.... So I bring you this post from my iPad. I beleive that I have learned from this experience, that I have the best sister in the world and Maddie is going to be sensitive and caring just like Sara.

All I planned on doing on Monday was to sit and sew. I have some dolls and stuffed animals I am working on. The stuffed animals I designed and am so excited about sharing with the world... Okay, maybe not the world.... I had cut out about four of them, just finished the first one..... Got up from my machine.... Maddie was watching peppa pig on my computer .... When I got up from my chair she turned it... ( it is a vintage wooden desk chair) it had been my great uncles and my mom gave it to me. I adore that very hard wooden chair. I didn't know that she had turned it. When I went to sit back down, well, the rear end met the hard feet of the chair....

It was pretty painful, in fact for a moment I thought I had probably done something like
Paralyzed myself. I couldn't get up.... Maddie quickly got down to help me. She went and got a pillow for my head... Then she opened up the freezer and got me the ice pack. Then she pulled up her little stool to the kitchen phone and picked it up and started saying into it " Daddy daddy mommy is hurt, she needs you." unfortunately she is 3 and doesn't realize you can't just pick up the phone and talk into it..... Made me sorta smile. She kept asking if I was ok and was looking for my cell phone. See found it and brought it to me. I called my sister. She got over here so quickly and took care of me. beth if you reading this,I love you. Thank you for being my amazing sister.
Anyway, she ended up taking me to the er... And we ended up laughing about this only happening to me. Well, the dr told me I had cracked my coccyx bone, I said " so what your saying is I have cracked my ass...?" my discharge papers say, fractured coccyx bone, my instructions are padded toilet seat and doughnut when needed.... ( hmmm doughnuts when needed yum.) it also said rest ughh! We laughed and laughed.. Which really hurt. You don't realize how many things involve that coccyx bone... Like her is a little something I learned last night... Sneezing, wow. Really painful. They gave me a prescription for vicoden. Which I will not take... Sleeve helps so I will just stick with that.
Oh well, bring on the jokes.... It hurts like heck. And it is pretty funny.
My husband. Couldn't beleive that I sat in a chair without first looking at it.... And I am thankful for it not being worse then it is. They said I have to just rest.... Hard to do when you have three kids.... Although they are being really helpful. My mom and sister are cooking for me... And it's almost like a vacation.... Except really boring...... I just want to get sewing.......... Oh well.

Ps the night before I did this I actually sewed thru my finger.... Yes, with my machine. I have to tell your at as bad as this sounds ( and the fact that the needle broke off in my finger) it wasn't as painful as I always imagined it would have been... ( yes every time I sew i worry about that happening) I know I am a strange bird.
Do you think God is trying to tell me something ? If anyone has a clue what it might be feel free to let me in on it! Enjoy your day. I will try and enjoy mine from the sofa. I don't think I can get any injuries from here. Lol


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