Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bake Sale

"Bake Sale"
"Bake Sale" 

One morning I heard Maddie yelling this from the other room.
I came around the corner to see this...
Proud as a peacock! 

You see her sister and cousins like to hold bake Sales.
They go all out. They yell " Bake Sale" 

Maddie had set this up all on her own. What a riot. 

and yes, my living room pretty much looks like this in the morning. 
She like to get everything out and really plays hard. 

Looks like a bomb went off in there. 

Enjoy your little ones. 
They grow up way to quickly. 

the end.


Jen said...

First off, let's talk about how Maddie is actually POSING for you AND smiling! YAY! I'm loving the Guess Who cards in the one cup as "baked goods" and I'm loving that wonderful girl of yours!
You and I have been talking (a lot!) about the hardships of parenting a 3 year old lately and it's so nice to see reminders of why, no matter what, our girls are amazing and lovely children! AND that it is all just a phase:) Thanks for that reminder today!

Paul said...

Adorable!! ...and I love her T-Shirt!!

Glad you're back blogging...missed catching up on all things Amy ;)

Jenn said...

Congrats, you won my giveaway, whoo hoo! Just email me at diyaddictjenn@gmail.com with the address you want it sent to and it will be on it's way! Thanks so much again for being a follower and your daughter is too cute!

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