Monday, July 25, 2011

a lovely life

Eighteen years ago today my life was forever changed. 

You see I was Nineteen and God Blessed My Husband and I 

with this lovely little life. 

After a very hard 27 1/2 hour labor and 3 more hours of pushing 

Emily Elizabeth came into this world.  7 pounds 6 ounces 21 inches long. 

A prefect, beautiful, wonderful little lovely life. 

She was the most amazing thing I had ever accomplished. 

What a joy she was. 

I have never experienced any other feeling like giving birth to my 

3 daughters. All I can say is that it is sheer joy that I felt the moment they 

placed her in my arms. 

I am certain that I have made so many mistakes with her. 

But I am also certain that she will  and has bounced back... 

I love her with all my heart and soul. 

(I have such a hard time showing her this because I have been trying in my 

own strange ways to protect her from the horrible world that is out there. From making the same silly

mistakes that I made) 

She will make her own mistakes. 

Be her own person. 

Be who God made her to be. 

I adore her. 

I am sad that she is turning 18. 

Sad that the years have gone by so very quickly. 

But proud of the accomplishments that she has made and will 

continue to make in the future. 

Oh how I love you, Emily.

You changed my life and made me a Mother. 

You made me what God called me to be your Mom. 

thank you for that. 

Thank you Lord, for this precious and lovely life.  

Happy 18th Birthday, Em! You can always make me laugh. 

The End.


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Jen said...

You and Dom have done an amazing job with that girl!! Emily is such a sweetheart and her love for her sisters and family is precious! Happy Birthday Emily....I wish she was coming to visit too :(
P.S. Beautiful post- tearing up as I write!

{Amy} said... sweet. this seems like a lifetime away for my kids but i know it will be here before i know it!

Jamie said...

This post is a lovely tribute to your daughter! Mine are all little still, but my heart hurts sometimes when I think of them growing up. So I feel your pain in a small way. Em is gorgeous, and totally favors you! Although, I haven't seen your husband... I am sure she looks like him as well. :0)

katie said...

Wow, what a sweet post for your daughter.

Paul said...

Beautiful,Amy. ;)

The Pennington Point said...

Aw I'm sad. I tell my kids I am going to put bricks on their heads to keep them from growing. They just giggle and say, "But Mommy, I HAVE to grow!" Bummer. Lisa~

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

happy birthday to your sweet daughter!
this post was so special and such a wonderful gift to give her.

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