Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer top

So I am in desperate... need of some cute summer things. Mainly tops.
I have really wanted to sew myself some things. 
(I haven't sewn clothes for myself since Emily was a baby) 
So I had been eyeing the Amy Butler Keyhole Halter Top. 
It is adorable. 
Being that well,  I can't justify buying a pattern for myself that is 18 dollars... in 
a store that I was looking at it in... I had the idea that I 
may just be able to find a cute little tutorial in blogland.
So, While looking at Ucreate she happened to feature
Sweet Verbena and her simple bow tie top. 

I made this with some navy Jersey knit and Amy Butler 
I definitely had to rework the fabric amounts. But I made it with how she 
suggested and then tried it on... IT was Huge on me. So I took it off cut it down 
and tried it on again. 


I wore it out yesterday and got TONS of compliments from people I 
didn't even know. 
(don't you love when you make something and people are like where did you get that?
Oh, I made it. ) 


So here is my try at trying to take some pictures of it... 
Not very good. 

My husbands photography skills were enlisted as we were heading out the door last night
Explaining the awful lighting. and basket fulls  of laundry... 

my lame attempt.. trying to figure out the timer...  above

My Husbands shot below. lol 

the end.



Lora said...

really cute! :)

Paul said...

Very Pretty, Aim'!!!

Jen said...

I love it!! The color looks so awesome on you too! ooooo and what necklace are you wearing?!? Is that a fabric covered button? You must make me a top when you come to visit...Oh, I didn't tell you? You have to work for your stay here ;)

Budget Beautiful said...

Great top! Now I want to make one like it!

Jamie said...


Angee said...

Very cute top!

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