Monday, November 16, 2009

And so it begins

Fabric Covered Journals

My Sisters Dog, Sherman.....

Emily wearing all the scarves I have been working on.....

And so it begins, You know that it is almost Turkey Day. Gobble gobble.....
How can it be so? I have started on Christmas gifts. Money is tight this year and so I will be making most of our gifts. What is bette
r then days filled with sewing or handiwork that you will be able to give to someone to hopefully enjoy. I have recently learned to crochet (like last week to be exact) I actually have wanted to learn ever since I can remember.... I remember sitting next to my Mother on the porch swing out side the house I grew up in and her trying to teach me. I also remember her Mother my Grandmother trying to teach me also. I must have been only about 8 or 9. I never quite got the hang of it. this summer I asked my Mom again. I finally got the single crochet, the basic stitch that you must learn. I practiced a little and then put it down. Last week I decided to pick it up.... well let us just say that I have be
come obsessed , I have been to Micheals to buy yarn the last 3 days in a row... OH MY. I have used coupons every-time so it has not really been expensive. I think I probably have spent more in gas..... My forearm is so sore... does that give you an inkling of just how much I have been crocheting? I actually have made several scarves. In fact I gave one to my sister for her birthday : )

I also have been making fleece scarves for my nieces gifts. I have 6 nieces. I plan on making the younger ones a doll quilt and pillow with all my scraps and the older ones I have made some neat fabric covered journals.
So I have been a busy little bee. It is good to keep busy.

Anyway, What are you doing for Christmas gifts this year?

Have a great day.

On a side note, Maddie woke up with a fever this morning. I thought we had been lucky and missed this strange fever thing...... guess I was wrong.

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