Saturday, November 28, 2009

Give Thanks, White Castles and Facials....

Emily - this was on the way to my Mother's house for our Thanksgiving gathering. Isn't she beautiful? I think so. How on earth has she grown up so quickly? WOW! 16 years has gone so quickly. Anyway, we had a lovely time at my Mom & Dad's house. My favorite place in the world to spend Thanksgiving.

Sara. Love this one of her. She is so stylish! Always have been. Our little fashionista.

Maddie - the one that is usally in every picture did not take one good picture this day. The older sister's and cousins put this hat on her and took this picture they thought it was a riot.

The Star of the Day.... Thomas Turkey. not one piece of Turkey was left after the vultures got at it....

THE NEXT DAY.... Black Friday.

I drove (well this is Emily driving ) But I drove her down the parkway to her best friends house Krissy. They will spend the weekend doing girlie stuff that 16 year olds do (whatever that is) They have a great time together and they have been friends since they have been 4 years old. Wow that is a long time.
Em was starving on the way down so we stopped at a little place called White Castles. Fot those of you that don't have these little treats in you area... you must try them if you ever come to Jersey... seek on out and taste one.... two .... three..... as many as you can get a crave case and take the rest on the plane home... people will swarm you. The down side to White Castle is they are never in nice neighborhoods. Sad that I know where they are... I have a built in GPS for food... in my head. I had to get off the GSP ( garden state parkway) and take a little side trip to the Castle... risking life and limb for a few burgers.....

Embarrassing Emily as I took this photo to document our journey.....

She 'bout died when I snapped this photo as we were pulling up to pay.....

LOL! She loved it. notice her left hand never dropping her phone while she ate... These teenagers are just

Throwing away the evidence..... the thing about White Castle's is you can not, I repeat, YOU CAN NOT LEAVE THEM or the BOXES in the car.... bad idea....

On to the facials.... Our neice Grace was having a slumber party so we had Linnea (her sister) over for a girls party. Sara made the Fun - Genda and this was on the list. Facials....her I am applying goop to Nea's face.

Applying glop to Sara

Here the 3 of us are... we sure had a good time.

(they both applied glop and goop to my face)

want to laugh ahve to 10 year olds slop glop on your face.... what a riot.

Good time by all.

We watched Elf and stayed up till 12.

I made sticky buns for the morning. They are in the oven now.... I will post the pics later.

Ahhh what fun we had.

Enjoy your family. I surely have over these last

few days!

~ Amy


Paul said...

I love YOUR facial ;) it "Goop" or "Glop", LOL!!!

Hi I'm Amy, said...

It is both, Glop and Goop..... : )

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