Wednesday, June 20, 2012

n e w b o r n

 n e w b o r n

b a b y   e n z o

how sweet is this baby. 

just 2 weeks old. 

I have now discovered how much I adore newborn photography. 

and I guess it should not be at all shocking




I got to take this first time Momma's maternity photos.
and what a blessing to be able to be called back 
to capture the little feet that were kicking here. 

I got to bring props! 
YAY. love using props. 
I brought my beloved 
coke crate from Georgia. 
and a vintage quilt that my great grandmother made. 
and some other stuff. 
what an amazing, wonderful time. 
what a lovely new family. 

They are just so in love with 
their little 
It was so sweet. 

and who wouldn't be. 
what a doll. 

and now. I have a complete portfolio. 

and wedding's.

it has been a truly amazing 3 years of photography for me. 
I have said it before and I will say it again. 
What a blessing. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Savannah River Walk + 1

We walked down by the Savannah River. 
on the way, there was a railroad track and trestle.

I love the rust and age. It tells me a story. 

I have a lot of weird fears.. like bridges.. water... boats... 
so looking at these photos lately it is so odd that I take so many photos of bridges.. and water. 

I do think they are lovely. 
I like to view them from the land
I just don't really enjoy being on them...

I am pretty sure that this train was not running...
 (well I will tell myself that anyway)
Because I was actually laying on the track to get these pictures.
(okay, bridges scare me, yet I am not scared to lie upon a train track
What is wrong with this picture????)

A little sense of danger makes for a good photograph
I always say.

(okay its the first time I have ever said that....)
But people have told me I will probably die taking a picture...
Most likely. 

and Here is the Plus One. I really just liked this last one. So 
I threw it in for your viewing pleasure. 
it was actually in Savannah.... and we were passing a shop. 
and I looked into the window and saw this beautiful mirror 
reflecting the outdoors. 

its me looking in looking out. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Augusta Canal

While I was away in Georgia, 
one of my goals was to take lots of beautiful photography. 
We took lots of trips so that this goal of mine could be accomplished. 
Augusta Canal was a beautiful  place on the River, not
far from Jen's home. 

Is it only me or does everyone's heart go
pitter patter at the sight of the flowing  spanish moss?

This place was incredible, in fact it is where we came back so that I could
take pictures of Jen's family. 
and it was a wee bit HOT that day. 

I adored the lovely arches... and upon closer inspection

Turtles were sunning themselves. 

and also snakes... and after seeing these well, I became a little skid-dish of things moving around me. I think I just about jumped into Jen's arms when  little gecko ran in front of  me.... 
I don't like snakes... I repeat I , Amy, DO NOT LIKE SNAKES. 

but I do like Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and I feel like I always have to take pictures 
of them for Madelyne
who LOVES them. 

This river was no joke. 
It was not for swimming it was full of 
horrible things, like poisonous SNAKES and I read it 
also has alligator's in it. 
Yup, That was enough for me to just enjoy the beauty at a distance. 

Not to mention the current.... this river was moving very very quickly. 

Over on the Left hand side of this picture is the actual lock 
and the reason that this LOCK and canal system was here
you ask??? Well, the Fall Line is To the FAR left. Which 
would have made the River impassable for boats. And
there is your history lesson for the day. 
Your. Welcome. 

Here is another shot of where the boat would go into the LOCK. 
I spent my youth traveling the historic Rideau Canal's in Canada. 
So visiting this canal and lock was pretty neat for me. 

Although, as a child I had a fear of boats and large bodies of waters. 
(still do) and yet my parents planned all vacations on boats and 
large bodies of water... hmmm some sort of torture... years of therapy? 
I used to cry and cry before we left for the trips. Begging my Grandmother to stay with 
But thy always made me go. (and I am glad they did. ) we have amazing
memories of those trips. But really that is neither here nor there.... 

I hope you are enjoying my trip photos... 
more to come. 


Friday, June 8, 2012

fall line

While I was in Georgia we went to the Augusta Canal. 
Right next to it was the Fall Line. 

If your interested in learning more about the Fall Line feel 
free to look it up here. 

It is really pretty interesting. 
And it was really beautiful. 

We went there during the day to take family photos of Jen's family, 
Which I realize I have not posted yet... so next week come back and take a look
at her very beautiful, expanded family! 

anyway, as we were leaving it was dusk and the sun 
changing in the sky was lovely. 
I had hope of bringing these photos home and doing a huge panorama, 
but I did not have my tri pod with me and they were not all 
taken at the same height.... 

I must have taken 100 photos just sitting watching the sun set over this 
fall line. 
I didn't want to bore anyone with the 100 photos so 
I have greatly reduced.... haha.

 I am in awe of our Creator. 
How lovely does He make each and everyday for us. 
Even when we don't feel especially lovely. 
He paints us a picture each and every day. 


This one may be my favorite, 
I love how still the water is and the clouds reflecting. 
Oh,  how I adore clouds.... 

Have a glorious day. 
Even if it doesn't seem so fabulous... Your here... and We get to live in this beautiful land. 

we are truly blessed.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

savannah, GA

On my recent trip to the Peach State, Jen and I 
spent a night in Savannah. 
WOW. I was charmed. 

How fun were these.
They look like trolley cars 
but they are for tourist. 

I loved them anyway. 

The Victorians... ahhh 

these amazing Painted ladies of the south.
Can you just imagine the history that these
grand homes have seen,
(is it me or do other people try and imagine who has lived in homes?) 

These porches? the front doors? 
I am so happy that I got to experience this with Jen. 
She ooo's and ahh's over the same things I do. 
To find beauty in the little details. 
just look at the gingerbread on these homes. 
The sleeping porches... 
the ceiling fans outdoors.... 

What an entrance! 

These beautiful homes all sat around a green,Forsyth Park which is
  10 acres in the middle of the city.  
This fountain was breathtaking 
built in 1858. Can you just picture the victorians parading around in their 
bustles and corsets. Adorned with all their lovely hats, perhaps a parasol to
keep the harsh southern sun from their delicate skin. 

(loved all the cruisers with baskets around the city)

Many of the streets are still cobblestones. loved that I found some peaking thru
from out under the asphalt. 

The Brick was a dream. 
the advertising all faded and glorious. 
Well, We were in all our glory! 

I adore architecture. I mean really
these doors, walls, windows... all lovely. 

The Main St is down on the river. 
There were so many amazing little shops down there. 
Beautiful people as well. 
this man was one of many street performers. 

When we first went down I took this picture. 
I have a thing for clouds... 
They are like paintings to me. 

This was taken as we were leaving and a storm was moving in very quickly. 


I LOVE the south. I love all the beautiful history and the kind souls. 
But the one thing I can't get over is the flying of the confederate flag.
always seems strange to me to see it flying. 

The Drive back was rural and lovely. 

Jen even turned the car around and I ran across the highway
to capture some breathtaking  images. 

(see the rainbow above?)

Man we are so blessed to live in such an amazing 
country. Beautiful and Free. 

oh and I almost forgot... I about died every-time I saw Spanish Moss. or Spanish Beard 
or French Hair or greybeard.... 
It really is fascinating and you should look it up and read all about it here

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