Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Savannah River Walk + 1

We walked down by the Savannah River. 
on the way, there was a railroad track and trestle.

I love the rust and age. It tells me a story. 

I have a lot of weird fears.. like bridges.. water... boats... 
so looking at these photos lately it is so odd that I take so many photos of bridges.. and water. 

I do think they are lovely. 
I like to view them from the land
I just don't really enjoy being on them...

I am pretty sure that this train was not running...
 (well I will tell myself that anyway)
Because I was actually laying on the track to get these pictures.
(okay, bridges scare me, yet I am not scared to lie upon a train track
What is wrong with this picture????)

A little sense of danger makes for a good photograph
I always say.

(okay its the first time I have ever said that....)
But people have told me I will probably die taking a picture...
Most likely. 

and Here is the Plus One. I really just liked this last one. So 
I threw it in for your viewing pleasure. 
it was actually in Savannah.... and we were passing a shop. 
and I looked into the window and saw this beautiful mirror 
reflecting the outdoors. 

its me looking in looking out. 



ginanorma said...

Oh I love your shots!! I also like that there is very little editing done to them, that shows how good you are:)

Jen said...

Love the risked-your-life-to-get-it shot of the tracks and bridge! So beautiful and that truly was a fabulous train bridge, so rusty and beat up... Just the way we like 'em :)

Vanessa said...

Awesome pics!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

love your perspectives!

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