Friday, June 8, 2012

fall line

While I was in Georgia we went to the Augusta Canal. 
Right next to it was the Fall Line. 

If your interested in learning more about the Fall Line feel 
free to look it up here. 

It is really pretty interesting. 
And it was really beautiful. 

We went there during the day to take family photos of Jen's family, 
Which I realize I have not posted yet... so next week come back and take a look
at her very beautiful, expanded family! 

anyway, as we were leaving it was dusk and the sun 
changing in the sky was lovely. 
I had hope of bringing these photos home and doing a huge panorama, 
but I did not have my tri pod with me and they were not all 
taken at the same height.... 

I must have taken 100 photos just sitting watching the sun set over this 
fall line. 
I didn't want to bore anyone with the 100 photos so 
I have greatly reduced.... haha.

 I am in awe of our Creator. 
How lovely does He make each and everyday for us. 
Even when we don't feel especially lovely. 
He paints us a picture each and every day. 


This one may be my favorite, 
I love how still the water is and the clouds reflecting. 
Oh,  how I adore clouds.... 

Have a glorious day. 
Even if it doesn't seem so fabulous... Your here... and We get to live in this beautiful land. 

we are truly blessed.



Paul said...


Jen said...

You are just a fount of knowledge, a google machine ;) I loved that it took almost a year for me to find this place that was 5 minutes away! Good memories Amy and good times! :)

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