Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Sandwich

Seriously, why is it that when you are trying to get into
 shape and loose weight all you can do is think of food...?
 (maybe it is only me) 

Well, I wanted to share this recipe with you,
because i love you all so much &
You are going to die when you taste this. 
(I am being a bit dramatic here..) 
We love Chic-Fil-A...
but it is a bit far and to bring the entire family is outrageously
So, I can make these for a lot less. 
& They taste just like the real thing.
(totally not even kidding around here this is a very serious matter)

SO one day in my blogging I came across this recipe. 
I was soooo excited.

 (because of my previously stated l-o-v-e of Chic-Fil-A)

I was a sceptic... 
Strange ingredients like,
Malted Milk,
Powdered Sugar, 
Whole Wheat Flour...
Pickles soaked in vinegar... CRAZINESS

It was an

I am not suggesting that you make this every week,
 perhaps once a month...
Boy is it delicious! 

Please do yourselves all a great big favor and make this with some 
waffle fries and coleslaw for your family. 
They will LOVE you even more then they all ready do.

 Are you drooling???? 
*By the way if you ever do get to a Chic-Fil-A They make the BEST milkshakes in the entire world!
And if you go to one down south... They have the nicest group of people working in their restaurants!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3


For those of you have ever done P90X you know it is seriously hard.

I am on Day 3.
I have been waking up.
Taking the kids to school.
Doing the video.

I actually really liked today.
Chest ,Shoulders, Arms.
that was 60 min. 

Then was the Ab Ripper.
Holy Moly. 
It is only 15 min but it is Non STOP


no joke
I thought when I got out of bed..
if I do not work out, I may not be able to move.
Yes, I was that sore.

So I am good for the day. 
I feel like writing about it is helping me keep accountable, 

that and I was really focusing on my verse the entire time. 

Phillippians 4:13

 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Light

This is definitely not what I had intended to write about.
When I sat down to write this post. 
I guess a light went off.

I seem to have issues...
 It is all in my brain I am sure..
 I can't seem to get past working out past the 2 week mark. 
I seem to give up...

So Today I started the P90X! HOLY COW! 
I am already sore.. yikes. 

I have tried before and failed. 
I am going to do it this time! 90 days...

Pray for me to get this stupid block out of my brain... (the 2 week thing)
I really need to get in shape. I feel awful about myself...
I am sick of feeling like this and my poor husband takes the brunt of it. 

I Can Do This.
I Will Do This.

Phillippians 4:13

 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

~I think I better focus on this verse~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pizza Night

Friday Night at our house has become Pizza Night. I like it because
 I don't have to think about what to make... I know that every Friday Night I make pizza. 
(why is trying to figure out what to cook such a chore?) 

I start out with the sauce. It is the best pizza sauce ever. 
My Mom's recipe.

 Next grate the mozzarella. 

Get the dough
(I don't make my own I buy it from the local pizza shop)

Cut the pepperoni

This is very important... the CORN MEAL. If you do not use it your pizza will not come off the peel and it will stick to your stone. 

 Get your little helper... 
Maddie likes to help put the cheese on. 

Peel dusted with corn meal... 

I believe she was pretending to slice the pepperoni.

 Into the HOT oven for 10 minutes.. 

 and that is the finished product. YUMMY! 

Do you have a pizza night? Do you make it or buy it? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


What is it about making bread? 
It smells so good, 
It taste amazing, 
It is just perfect in every way.
Yesterday I made this cinnamon pull apart bread..
I was going to take some photos of it... 

except they devoured it... 


Oh well... 
If you have never made bread... 
It is not that hard it just takes a little bit of nurturing. 
It is a labor of love.  
When I was a little girl my Mom always made all of our bread. 
I remember the loaves coming out in big long bread pans. 
I remember her breaking an end of and smearing it with soft butter. 
Those are the memories I have of bread. 
I guess that is why I love it so much. 

Annie Eats is an amazing blog. 
Everything I have made from her site is Delish! 

Go buy some yeast and whip up some bread. 

Have a Sweet Day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring cleaning & ADD

Yesterday morning, I decided to tackle the dining room cupboards (3 of them) in my Spring Cleaning 40 days 40 bags... (which has not gone very well, since one by one we have all been sick since I posted that)
I am the last one to get this lovely cold sinus thingy! YAY ME....

So I  emptied out all the crap wonderful collectibles out of the 3 cabinets...
I have been collecting glassware since I was all of about 11. (No kidding.)
American Sweetheart sherbet dishes in footed silver cups. Seriously I am not joking around. 
My Grandmother told me to go and get her bag & dipped into her "Mad Money" for me to make my first purchase.  (smile) She created a monster.... 

I think the phone rang ( I am sure it was my sister) after I finished getting everything out)
this is where the ADD comes in. 

 Fast forward to about 5 o'clock....
"Amy," I hear my husband calling me..." What do you plan on doing with all this stuff?" 
me... "What Stuff?" 
me ...Walk into the dining room.... 
me... " Oh!" 

Better put all that away. 
 I did. 

I think what I need is another cabinet... 

Happy Spring Cleaning. 
We woke up to snow... lol
Kids had a delayed opening. 
It was GREAT! 

Have a great day. 

Rejoice in all things, for this is the day that the Lord has made. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Okay, I keep stumbling over the pages at  Shabby Apple.  The Dresses, well they are all gorgeous. 
I mean really this is how woman should be dressing. 

They remind me of all the dresses my Grandma wore from the 40's and 50's. 
To me this is a very good thing. 

I love that era. Woman looked like Woman. Beautiful. 
They looked modest but they looked sexy as well. 

I want to go back to that. 

I always think I was born in the wrong time. 
I love being a stay at home Mom. 
I love being a Homemaker.
 I love that my Husband holds the door for me.
In fact I love when any man holds the door! 

Love the Aprons... 

 I Adore the slips! To give you that extra fabulous Poofiness! 

 I am all for Men being Men & woman taking care of them. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  

So go over and take a look. I guarantee you are going to fall in love! 

Left Out

    My back door was feeling left out. 

It was naked. 

I had to make a Happy Spring Wreath for it to wear. 

I am loving all those beautiful yarn wreaths I am seeing everywhere.

I saw this wreath somewhere in Blogland and I can't remember where...

I copied it almost exactly because I loved it so much! 

So here it is. 

The yarn color is guacamole I love it! 

I used some rolled flowers and made some Felt Flowers too. 

on a side note we are supposed to have snow tomorrow....

Really! The calender says SPRING...

oh well.

It will make me appreciate it that much more when it really arrives. 

* I found where I copied this lovely wreath from... A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patties Day

Well, It is St. Patties Day. To me this day signifies only one thing.... 
My Mom's birthday. 
I love her so much. 
She is such an amazing Wife, Mother & Grandma. 
I hope she has a great day.

Found out yesterday Maddie has a double ear infection. 

I just wanted to share with you all this amazing blog that my wonderful friend Jen keeps. 

She is an amazing photographer, writer (she has the best stories,  

she needs to write a book someday!)

She sews beautifully, she is a truly great Mother, Wife and Friend. 

So Please go on over and check her out. While you are there follow her. 

She has just gotten back from a trip to Grenada where so took some amazing Photographs. 

Here below are 2 of them... She has an 

 amazing eye for detail. 

this is nutmeg... who knew it was so beautiful. 

So go on over get lost in her beautiful photos and stories for a while. 

You will be glad you did. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning... 40 bags in 40 days

My little one has been sick since Sat. (Don't you just hate to see them not feeling well.)
She has the worst runny nose. (She keeps telling me to take it away from her.) 
She informed me last night that she has the sneezies and the snuffles. (I don't know where she ever heard that one...) and that she has a cold so she has to wear a sweater to make it go away. 
Poor Baby. Hopefully today she will be on the mend. 

So onto Spring cleaning. 
I have been reading here and there about this 40 bags in 40 days. 
I have read about a few places and keep thinking...
Good Idea
So today when I happened upon the theme again over at Clover Lane I thought... 
I better do this. 
I have  tons of junk. 
I pledge for the next 40 days to get rid of 40 bags of above mentioned junk.
I promise not to just stick it in the garage and say, " Honey, I will have a yard sale with this in the Spring" 

Because Spring turns to Summer and Summer turns to Fall... and still Amy has not had a garage sale. 

There I said it. 

Now, go clean out some stuff.


Monday, March 14, 2011

lovely little bean bags

I have wanted to make a set of bean bags for a while now.

I had purchased a Moda Charm pack when we were in Lancaster.

It suddenly dawned on me. They would be perfect for  little bean bags! 

They were really easy. I also thought it would be cute to put her name on them. 

Since I  am poor and do not own a fabulous  Silhouette... maybe someday. 

I printed out the letters in her name on those fabric sheets that can run right 

through your printer. 

They are pretty cool. (But to expensive.) I found a tutorial where you can make

your own by ironing freezer paper to fabric, cutting it down to size and run it 

through your printer like that. 

Anyway, I zig zagged the letters onto the charm squares and there you have it. 

I filled some with small white lima beans and then i ran out and didn't want to

 go to the store.. All I had in the house were lentils... 

So I used what I had. 

Maddie loves them. 

They are great for working on colors... and Letters. 

Which Maddie being the 3rd child... needs a little help with. Poor Kid. 


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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I can't stop thinking about Japan. 
The unimaginable terror and horror that they are experiencing as a country. 
Yesterday as I watched and listened to what was happening, I kept wondering, why? 
Why does this happen? Why does God allow these things to occur? 
I am praying for these people. This country. I pray that they will drop to their knees and look to the Creator
I guess sometimes we have to be brought to our knees. 
I know I do. 
God can heal the horror and devastation.
I know he has done it in my life. 
I know that He is bigger then all of this. 
He can heal their nation. 
HE can bring them to HIM. 
From this unthinkable ugliness,  something beautiful  will come. 
People will be saved and come to know the Lord as their Savior.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrifty Wednesday....

Jen, is rubbing off on me..
(She is the best thriftier in the history of thriftiness...)
I can't help it I am addicted to this one consignment store... 
Every Tuesday I must browse... 
Here is what I scored yesterday.... 

Amber Rooster ... $10
Milk Glass Chic $3

Amazing Cast Iron Bank... $7 

Hand painted Vintage Tray... $6


What have you scored lately? 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself... This has been one cool day. 
I almost feel like kinda a big deal ... well I said almost.
I mean I went to visit Blessed Little Nest... this morning 
and lo and behold Heather had featured me... 
hehehe I felt like a little kid. 
but in all the excitement I went to call Jen, and I remembered... 
she is still in Grenada.
I had to wake up my husband instead...
(He can't wait till Jen comes back home as well so I stop waking him up to tell him these things...)

It is odd. We have only been friends since last July and yet,
I feel like she understands me better then anyone.
I can't even explain how God has blessed me with her amazing friendship.
I think we might text about a million times a month... (well not really)
She is such an encourager.
She is a friend like I have never had.
I have been trying to prepare myself for her move south in June.. (lucky girl is moving to Georgia)
I am going to miss her like anything.
But, at least we will have

and facebook.

This whole Grenada thing has been weird because she can't be reached.... (perhaps after this post she will keep it that way) lol
Funny how we take for granted that someone is only a phone call away.
2 weeks are almost over.
She will be home next Sunday.
Starbucks and garage saleing when she returns!

Jen, You ROCK!

Monday, March 7, 2011

piggy, piggy, piggy what's this all about?

 Seriously... are these so pick-in cute??? Yes. They are. 

 I have no idea how I came across this blog ikatbag I am certainly happy that I did. 
& so is Maddie. 
She has amazing ideas and patterns. 
Maddie LOVEs pigs. She always has. 
Our wonderful friend Paul put it in her little head that she should have a pig for a pet....
(thanks Paul.) 
She has been asking for one for WEEKs...
So when I found this pattern  I was so excited. 
 It is a PDF and I had it within minutes of ordering it.
the coolest part is that there is a zippered compartment in Piggy's Belly. 
It stores the piglets.... Oh my cuteness... 
(You could also store PJ's in there) 

I made 4 piglets. 

I like that they all turned out a bit different. 
Some fat and round..
other's with big snouts and 
a runt. 

 Look at that little tail... 
I didn't have any yarn so I just braided 3 strands of DMC floss. 

 oink, oink. 

The End... sorry couldn't resist. 

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