Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have not been out in a long time to just take 
photos for myself. 

Its awful. Just terrible. 
But I am going to  be working on that. 
Work on my craft. 
so I grabbed 2 of my daughters and 2 of my nieces 
and set off to take some. 

Have I told you how much I LOVE these girls. 
I do I LOVE them. 
they make me smile and Laugh hysterically. 
I love that they are all best friends. 
and that they all LOVE the Lord. 
Man. I couldn't ask for anything more......
(that's another post) 

I took them to  
It isn't too far from where we live and it is just perfect for
telling the girls the history of our families and surrounding areas.
I Love giving little tid bits of information  as we drive. 
They all laugh at me... and I tell them
one day I will be gone 
and going with me  will be 
all my information.

I heard things from my Gramma and Mom that I want to 
pass on to my kids so they can tell their kids.....
anyway. they will one day appreciate me.

It was bitterly cold this day. 
there was beautiful ice on the falls. 

there is just something about ice, water and sunlight.


anyone who knows me would know I 
have a horrible fear of bridges. 
this bridge goes over the falls. 
Maddie begged to go over...
Linnea took her. 
I followed behind. 
and I was okay, 
until I looked over the side.....
lets just say my children were walking (meandering) across...
I pushed them over to get across....

glad I went because I wouldn't have been able to get this...

and I took this on my way back... I actually looked over and saw this...
I thought, oh man I have to get that..... 
So I prayed, that the bridge wouldn't collapse and I wouldn't go plummeting to my
death in the icy waters below... 
and  I began to shoot. 
 and I am glad i did. 

and I am glad I drug my girls out and told them stories and
 took some photos of God's beautiful creations. 


Paul said...

Another GREAT Set of pics!!

Gina Norman said...

glory glory those are incredible amy!!!

Jen said...

oh my goodness that ice is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures (as always) and I'm so proud that you walked over that bridge!!! ...even if you almost sacrificed the kids to do so;) but TOTALLY worth it for those shots you got! Love them all!!

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