Sunday, February 3, 2013

things i am loving (just in case you were wondering)

things i am loving
(in no particular order)

I am in LOVE with the Pandora station THE CIVIL WARS
it is well, a little bit of amazing. 
Little folk, little blue grass, a little country. 

a little Loveliness. 

My daughter. 
I am just LOVING my girl. 
Praying for God to Change my heart. 
so that I can just LOVE her with all my heart and soul. 

I am loving my photography business. 
I am feeling extremely blessed to be able to capture these
Seriously, how blessed am I to be able to take
photographs of these beautiful creations. 

I am LOVING these lovely ladies.
Oh how I long for a yard full of Chickens. 
Fresh eggs. 
Henny Penny. Curly Shirley. Ophelia. 
See we already have them named. 
maybe one day.  
one can hope. 

I am LOVING this man. 
I am in LOVE with this man. 
I can't even begin to tell you what he does for his family. 
He works a million jobs to provide for us. 
(okay well maybe not a million but 4) 

He is my MAN. 
A blessing to me. Sent right from God. 
I love you. 
He puts up with me sewing all day long. 
not cooking dinner. 
not cleaning the house. 
(did I mention sewing all day)
spending to much on fabric. 
and he still loves me. 
How'd I get to be so blessed, people? 
How come I don't realize it more? 

Well I am loving lots more... 
but don't want to bore anyone. 

oh and how can I even tell you just How much 

it is maybe the most beautiful, incredibly well written show
I have ever watched. 
If you have Netflix go and watch, they have season one
Then you will be hooked and will have to go and 
purchase season 2 on itunes.... 
and then you can start watching season 3 on Sunday nights because
it is just that amazing. 
like I can't get over all the beautiful 
eye candy. 


anyway that's it. 

the end.  


Paul said...

So Glad to see you back on the've been missed!!

Jen said...

I love all those things too!!.... well, some of them in a VERY different way than you do ;) and I'm pretty sure I have no clue what "the civil wars" is... are...?? You crazy kids and your new fangled technology! And how cute are those pictures of chickens?!? Amazing!

maggie may said...

first off: can we take a minute to talk about that adorable quilt you posted about last time? amazing!
so so so cute!
if i ever get a girl, i'll commission a quilt from you and i'll even let you wash it before you mail it ;)
second: what a fun post!
third: i'm so glad you're posting again! i've missed yah!
how are things going with your daughter?

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