Friday, February 15, 2013

light bulb

I had a light bulb moment 
(man I wish I had some more of those) 

My husband thoughtful and kind 
gave me for Christmas another camera. 

I thought it would be great to have 2 camera's at shoots so I 
wouldn't have to stop and change lenses as much. 

He was sweet.

but i couldn't figure it out.
 I could not.
 and do you know how annoying it is when  
you just pick something up and expect it to work 
like something else and it doesn't. 
and you take it on 2 shoots and are unhappy with the results... 
(that was a bad day in our house) 

I kept reading the manual and playing with the camera 
but I COULD not get the focus to be sharp and clear. 
it was a soft focus at best with a lot of noise. 

not good. 

anyway, today I figured it out. 


so I ran around my house taking 
tac clear \ sharp \ focused 

This camera has some pretty neat features. 
and I was unable to have fun with them being that I 
couldn't take a good photo. 
but now.... well the world is my oyster. 

So some random shots that i took 
This is one of my Grandpa's camera's. 

(don't mind the dust) 



have a great weekend. 



Gina Norman said...


beautiful shots!!!

brianticsblog said...

You are "sew" creative! I look forward to breaking out my sewing machine once I get it back from my friend. Anywho, I know you are busy, but I tagged you in my blog. I was tagged by someone else. I decided, "What the hay….why not?" Anyways, if you don't want to, I get it! I just wanted to send folks your way! If you want to, just copy the post, delete my answers and replace them with your own! And then tag other bloggers. Or not… whatever you want to do! Hope all is well in your Jersey neck o' the woods! God bless!


Jen said...

I love ALL of these pictures! And look at precious Maddie:) so excited that you figured out that Camera... I don't think my mind could handle figuring out another camera... still trying to figure out mine! Oh and can't wait to see you guys--less than a month now!!!!!

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