Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas past...

    Feb? How can it be February. Is it me or do the years just seem to be flying right on by??

Well since I took a few moths off from Blog land I guess there is no better time to post some Shots of Christmas. Jen, if your reading this hopefully you still love me and know that Christmas in February is not the norm and  I hope you and your daughter will forgive me on getting your gifts off so late.... YIKES.

                         Without further ado my lovely girls. (okay they are not just mine) 

OUR lovely girls. 

We always cute our tree down. 
It was my year to pick the tree. 
Yay me. 

We went to a new tree farm this year and it had a fancy
wagon to pull the tree back on. 
Madelyne insisted on pulling. 

Here they are. 
getting too big. 

Sara always the goof ball. 

and our very good friend has connections with Santa. 
He Swooped Maddie up and she got to meet Santa. 
(anyone who knows this child knows she is not a fan of anyone swooping her up) 
There was a look of sheer terror and horror and panic all at the same time. 
Brian didn't give her a second to even consider not going up on the fire truck to meet Santa. 

This picture best shows the look I was speaking of earlier.... 

and I got all choked up and started to cry.... 
I am an emotional sensitive hot mess. 
The look on Brian's face was priceless, you see he was so 
thrilled to share this experience with Maddie. 
it was an awesome memory. 

and Santa got to ride on the vintage fire truck.... 
maddie kept asking where the reindeer were..... 

and one from Christmas morning.... 
Santa brought Sara the NINJA. 
seriously, this kid has been asking for this blender for years... 
what 13 year old would be this thrilled to get a blender for Christmas... 
Sara. That's who. 

1 comment:

Paul said...

GREAT Pics, Amy...have not seen any of those before.
Thanks, as always, for sharing!! :)

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