Friday, January 29, 2010

Drop Cloths and old Books

Well for the past few days I have been busy with Drop Cloths and Old Books. Hmmm, I know you are wondering to yourselves "What could she be doing with these odd items?" Well , you will have to wait. I should be done soon and I will post pics!

Have a happy Friday : )

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Dare day 1

Well, as I sit to write this I am almost finished with Day one. It has taken me 4 days to do it. Man is it ever tough to break old habits. If anyone is new or has forgotten Day one's challenge I will remind you.
It says in the first sentence of this challenge that this Dare is fairy simple.. ( who was he kidding?) so basically you will choose to demonstrate patience and say nothing negative to your spouse at all. ( I am applying this to my children as well.) If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything. It is better to hold your tongue then to say something that you 'll regret.

So for those of you that think this is easy, I DARE you to give it a try.

I am not the world's most patient person. In fact my temper runs Hot, like flowing lava under my skin. (I really do not like this about myself. Not one little bit, in fact I would say this is my number 1 thing that I dislike most about myself. ) Making this exercise in patience extremely dificult for little ol' me.

But here is the thing. When you are aware of something and are making an effort to change this behavior It is amazing the things you notice. For instance, I noticed that the first day I was trying sooooo hard to be patient. But I kept loosing my cool and as i would loose my cool I would think "OH CRAP" thank God that tomorrow is another day.
The 2nd say was easier and I almost made it .... Um I lost it with Sara of all people. She is such an easy child........ Figures. (God was really testing me.) I Got a Big Fat F that day. Day 3 was even easier. I found myself thinking about being patient and really making an effort to do so. I kept thinking what a much better example that I was going to be to my very impressionable children. By this day my husband had noticed me trying so hard to make an effort. I did loose my patience at the end of the day. As it was occurring I stopped myself and took a long deep breath. So in all honesty I had to go another day. I had to do an entire day of being a patient person. And so that brings me to this moment. YAY! Praise The Lord. I did it.

I did notice that the noise level in our home went down. Here is what I also learned. You can not I repeat, YOU CAN NOT change someone but, you can change yourself to be what you want others to be, they will follow.

Lead by example.

I dare you.

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Nothing to say

I have nothing great to say today.... So I thought I would let my photo's do the talking for me.

This is one of my favorite pics of my husband. It truly captures him!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Robe & Stuff

I did it I made a Robe! I took a pattern for a nightgown and altered it a weee bit. It came out cute and Maddie loves it. So that is what matters. I wish that I had a little more fabric in the front... Oh well. I lined it with Minkie sooo sooo soft. I want one.

Sara got a fancy new haircut. She looks so grown up! (Stop that will you!)

So something about me. I am starting to read a book called the Love Dare. It is a 40 day challenge. Are you up for it? It is specifically for your marriage but You can apply it to Loving anyone. I am going to focus on my husband and children where it applies. I am not doing well and it is Day 2 for me... I am still trying to complete the challenge for Day 1. The first challenge is on Patience hmmmm.... For anyone who knows me, need I say more? I am working on it and will get it. May take 30 days but I am going to complete each challenge in this book. There is actually a little box to check off and the date that you complete them. I will keep you informed about my progress.

Oh This book also goes with the movie FireProof so go out and rent it and watch it with your spouse.

Well, going to watch a movie with Sara. Dom is working, Emily is at a wedding and Madelyne is sleeping. So Sara and I get a movie night : )

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

They won!!!!

Sara's basketball team won again! How exciting to see the progression of how the played in the first game to how they played last night (it was the 4th game) Even the Ref commented on how well they were playing. I was so proud of them! They didn't only win but they were such good sports! I know I said that before but it was true and so very nice to see that! So here are a few quick pics that i took after the game..... I am rushing today because I am driving to PA with my Mom (she is playing hooky from school today) She bought a new Bernina the fancy shamsy one... and is going to take her lesson. She asked me to come. So anything to do with sewing and I am there...... I think I shall bring my camera (oh how she'll LOVE that... hee hee) anyhooo must get going. Have a great day.

Sara & Nea they really like their numbers.

Emily & Sherman

Paul & Sara after the game... (Notice the progression of the beard ! hmmm that gives me an idea.... )

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ooh I have finally done it.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. This has taken me days to figure out. ( I kid you not) Trying to add a signature to my blog and the post divider you will see at the end of each entry..... Oooo i am such a geek.
Sara is in the kitchen baking brownies. Isn't it nice when they start to be independent of you , well, kinda sad also.....

Off to get Emily from her haircut then back to a Basketball Game for Sara this evening.
Have a Great Rest of the Day!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I love to sew. For anyone who doesn't know me I have 2 passions in my life. Okay, I guess 3.
1. My Children
2. Photography
3. Sewing

I wish that being organized was on that list .... hee hee

So This is what I have been sewing the past few days. I made these nifty potholders / hot pads Cute right. Well, I think they look bright and happy in my yellow kitchen. Very retro looking.

then I also have been making these little clutch type diaper and wipes case that you can just throw into your purse or backpack when you don't want a huge diaper bag. I also made a changing pad that folds up and goes right behind the clutch.

And finally I have made a couple things for Maddie. I pinafore, a dress inspired by lil blue boo and this robe. Do you know how hard it is to find a robe for a toddler??? So Since I am Cheap
(i mean creative) I didn't want to spend $15 on a pattern I figured it out for myself. I bought a sweatshirt from Target for $8 Cut it up the front / made some bias tape from scrap fabric i had in my stash/ finished the edges of the sleeve's and bottom with a lettuce edge and hammered a snap onto the top.... and presto a toddler robe. Which she really likes.... I should have used a kids Large instead of a Adult small . Oh well. Live and learn.

Lil Blue Boo inspired dress

Pinafore this is fabric that my Mom gave it to me. It was my Great Grandmother's. I had about 2 yards. I didn't know what to do with it. Then I thought this was cute. It looks really cute over jeans with shirt under it.

This is Maddie not letting me take a pic. 2 year olds sometimes don't cooperate for the photo shoot. Well this is the robe.
and yes, she really is that happy all the time. (it's the crazy hair)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Face of Joy

Linnea, Sara and Grace play basketball for our church. They are the Lady Vikings. They won their first game last night. It was so very exciting. They played so well and really exhibited some wonderful ways that the girls support each other. Nea scored a basket and as soon as she did, Sara was hugging her as they were running down the court..... It was sooooo sweet. Anyway, I just love our girls. I think they are fine young girls. I thought I would share some pics from the game. Here they are.....

Linnea in all her glory.

Linnea, Sara & Gracie
I told Sara to smile but this is what I got....

Team Meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well, thanks to Feeble Arms & Weak Knees I made some delicious egg rolls for supper.

She has the recipe posted and they are really, really easy and yummy! They are also pretty good
for you. Sort of like a health food but while you are eating them your stomach only knows goodness.

Dinner, Chicken Stir Fry, Egg Rolls & Rice

Try something new today.



busy busy bees

It has been a busy few days. I have been doing a lot of sewing and working out.... I don't have time for a long post today so you will have to wait for tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice skating

How many kids can say that they ice skate on their Great Great Great Grandfather's farmland? Pretty cool - well at least I think so. Let me explain. The property where my Great Great Grandfathers home and farmland was given to the town to be preserved as a museum. They have built a green there. In the summer they have movies and things and in the winter they flood it so we can use it for ice skating. What fun! Anyway, I always think about that when I am over there.

We had a wonderful time, Paul came with us. He was so very patient with Maddie, who wanted to walk all over creation with him (she adores Paul!) Emily was much to cool to skate with us since a (boy) was there that she like..... (gag) oh well, teenagers! I even got out my skates. I have to say that this morning I was only a little sore, since I have been working out now for 1 whole week! YAY! Not bad 7 days down a whole life ahead.

Well, as always get out and enjoy your family.


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