Friday, April 26, 2013



I was thinking last night as I was drove
past our very first apartment together.  (which was sort of too close to the Ghetto, but ignorance is bliss) Married at 18 with A baby on the way,  
God Provides. 
He Certainly Does. 

I kept thinking, Man we were young, foolish and in LOVE. 
and foolish and naive. But God provided my husband a job and we had a roof over our heads. 
It was hard. MAN it was hard. 
but GOD opened doors for us to be able to survive. 
Dom went to school during the day and worked over nights at Home Depot. 
We didn't see him very much. 
But God is good.
 He has used every moment in my life to mold me and shape 
me to whom he is making me to be. 
(I don't always let him, He made me stubborn as all get out)
Sometimes it hurts. 
Growing hurts. 
But if it is going to bring glory to Him in the end it will all be worth it. 
I hurt lately. 
My soul aches. 
I can't seem to figure it out, but it does. 
and I try to not let it affect my family, but it does. 
I know that God provides for me. 
Even in my darkest hour. 
He has seen me through some awful things. 
Each time I am come out better (i think) 
So no matter how horrible the circumstance might seem. 
Hold your head high, Look up to the Lord and gain comfort in knowing that 
God Provides. 


Bless by Tone said...

Thank you - I so needed this today! I'll have this as a mantra all day - God provides! He really does.

Paul said...

Thank You for sharing, IS a long & hard road, but you'll endure & thrive, & continue to be the wonderful Wife, Mother, and Friend you are today!

Bre Hendrick said...

Girl, this was fantastic. And you are not alone. My soul has been aching for a while now the past few months. But, I am with you in knowing that God uses these times to make us more like Him. I will be praying for you in my quiet time, that God will meet us in these dark places and shine light to our souls.

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