Tuesday, May 28, 2013

to boston with love

    Our guild participated in the project TO BOSTON WITH LOVE. 

It was the fabulous idea of Berene. Her blog is Happy Sew Lucky
You can read about it there. 

Her sister Janita is in our guild and told us about it. 

I made three flags. 

The 1st was a broken heart. I couldn't
stop thinking how the people of Boston's hearts must
have been broken that day. 

I love selvedge edge so I made a reverse applique 
heart with selvedge edges.

it was my favorite flag that I made. 

and my 3rd I embroidered Hope onto it. 
Keeping it simple. 

At the meeting we brought our flags and tied 
them all together. 
It was really Beautiful. 

Janita Skyped with her sister in Vancouver to show her 
all our flags. It was really something.

The gal below and I are thinking about going to see
the exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. 
WOW. that in itself is so cool. 

This flag was made by one of our members, Peggy, 
It was a favorite. 

Speaking of our guild we exchanged name tags. 
Janita and I got each other. 
I have to say I was a tad intimidated 
she is an artist.... 
anyway, I made about 3 and was unhappy with all of them
and then I was looking to her blog for inspiration
and found this painting. 

So I thought oh, ok, i can try to paint a flower onto muslin with acrylic and the cut the petals
out and stitch them onto my block using some free motion.... 
(I have never done this) didn't know if it would work...
It did. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be. 
The flower was 3-D. I then embroidered her name. 
and VOILA. Behold... a Name tag. 

She was loving it. MAde me very happy. 
She made me a very awesome name tag as well. I have yet to photograph it. 
But I LOVEd it as well. 
Seriously we were like to giddy school girls...... giggling. 

anyway. I love our guild meetings. they are fun. 

great girls... 

I have to say something... I took this photo one top of my sewing machine table. 
I have a piece of plexi on top and underneath I have all pictures... 
That little sumo wrestler is one of my favorite pics of Sara
when she was a baby, She is so happy. 

anyway, just thought that last pic needed some explanation. 

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