Monday, August 16, 2010

Space Farm Zoo and Museum.

We took a trip last week to Space Farm Zoo and Museum. It was amazing. The kids had a blast. I think Em loved it most of all. She has always had a love of animals. 

                                                The kids even got to feed the bears.

And the deer. (we have these in our backyard and they eat all our gardens)

The Lion was taking a nap while we were there and he sat up and was looking straight into Maddie's eyes. ( I think he may have liked her crazy hair) 

Not  only did they have animals but they had the most amazing collection of things you have ever seen.
Antique bicycles , cars , toys, tools, dolls, clocks, guns and so much more. I loved the toys. They were amazing. They even have a wooden carousel from the 1700's. We went with my Mom who was checking out the location for a 5th grade field trip.

They had an amazing collection of Taxidermy as well. This bear Goliath was HUGE! 

                                                What a fun way to spend a summer day!
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Embrace the Camera : August 5th

I have been so incredibly blessed this year to be able to take something that was always a love and turn it into something that is so much more.
So for this Embrace the camera Thursday (which I had no idea it was thurs already) ((Oh my I have to get a BIGGER calendar and maybe glance at the thing once in awhile)) ahh summer! oh well
I thought I would share some photos of me, myself and I. I would never under normal circumstances post anything like this but that is the challenge, right? So my dear friend Paul has taken some cool shots of me working. Here they are. The very last photograph was taken by me at the wedding I did last weekend. 

Entering Day 2

well, half way thru the day yesterday I wanted to Stop and put back everything the way it was.....
ummm lets see the box spring got stuck in the stairwell as we were bringing it down..... oops.

It is a ton of work. My Mother stopped by mid shifting rooms and gave a look of disapproval... lol

We actually got our bedroom in place and by 6:30 last night Dom said "Lets pile in the car and grab Sonic" He hates Sonic by the way but it was fast and we were able to stay in the car.

The girls rooms will be tackled today. Sara is so excited that she can't stand it. Very cute. She actually made a plan (an elaborate diagram) seriously she did. Of how her room will be laid out. That is soooo Sara.
That is so not me... I just get a picture in my head. Well, having my coffee and then I am off to get started in day 2.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So so so may ideas. So little time to do it all. This week is already flying on by. I can't believe it is already Wednesday.

 I had the brilliant idea of turning the entire house upside down... (not really kidding about that) I thought it about time that we had our 2  1/2 year old in her own room... So we are flip flopping rooms and I have created havoc in the house this entire week.... It is a heck of a lot of work changing rooms.... we are changing 4 rooms....
The Living Room, which is the biggest room in the entire house never gets used (except when I sew or Sara practices the piano)  we are turning this room into our family room.
The room which we use as a family room (my grandparents built this room as a bedroom) This room is isolated on the back of the house. I thought it would be wise to turn this room back into a bedroom for us. (Following????) I am sure this is very exciting reading to all of you.
 & then Upstairs Sara is taking our room and Maddie will go into Sara's old room.
Emily didn't want anything to do with this entire debacle... She's not so great with change.
So in the mean time i have the entire house in disorder... (You know how well that works with a  toddler..)
So hopefully today I will be able to finish the mess and restore some order.  Hopefully.
Well, that is about all the exciting news from my neck of the woods.....

Here is something pretty to look at after listening to my mumblings.....

Have  an beautiful day.

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