Monday, August 16, 2010

Space Farm Zoo and Museum.

We took a trip last week to Space Farm Zoo and Museum. It was amazing. The kids had a blast. I think Em loved it most of all. She has always had a love of animals. 

                                                The kids even got to feed the bears.

And the deer. (we have these in our backyard and they eat all our gardens)

The Lion was taking a nap while we were there and he sat up and was looking straight into Maddie's eyes. ( I think he may have liked her crazy hair) 

Not  only did they have animals but they had the most amazing collection of things you have ever seen.
Antique bicycles , cars , toys, tools, dolls, clocks, guns and so much more. I loved the toys. They were amazing. They even have a wooden carousel from the 1700's. We went with my Mom who was checking out the location for a 5th grade field trip.

They had an amazing collection of Taxidermy as well. This bear Goliath was HUGE! 

                                                What a fun way to spend a summer day!
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Jen said...

Looks cool! where's it at and was it spendy? Glad you had a great time!(we should have a coffee some time.... maybe one evening when Aubrey's in bed already... what do you think?)

Amanda Jo said...

What a neat place!!!! I love that collection of old keys!!

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