Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So so so may ideas. So little time to do it all. This week is already flying on by. I can't believe it is already Wednesday.

 I had the brilliant idea of turning the entire house upside down... (not really kidding about that) I thought it about time that we had our 2  1/2 year old in her own room... So we are flip flopping rooms and I have created havoc in the house this entire week.... It is a heck of a lot of work changing rooms.... we are changing 4 rooms....
The Living Room, which is the biggest room in the entire house never gets used (except when I sew or Sara practices the piano)  we are turning this room into our family room.
The room which we use as a family room (my grandparents built this room as a bedroom) This room is isolated on the back of the house. I thought it would be wise to turn this room back into a bedroom for us. (Following????) I am sure this is very exciting reading to all of you.
 & then Upstairs Sara is taking our room and Maddie will go into Sara's old room.
Emily didn't want anything to do with this entire debacle... She's not so great with change.
So in the mean time i have the entire house in disorder... (You know how well that works with a  toddler..)
So hopefully today I will be able to finish the mess and restore some order.  Hopefully.
Well, that is about all the exciting news from my neck of the woods.....

Here is something pretty to look at after listening to my mumblings.....

Have  an beautiful day.

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Aunt B said...

You Go Girl!
Never stop a momma with a plan!

Jen said...

I do this all the time! Maybe not to the degree you are doing it, but I'm forever changing things in our place! Zach's so done with it already.
Good luck figuring it all out:)

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