Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entering Day 2

well, half way thru the day yesterday I wanted to Stop and put back everything the way it was.....
ummm lets see the box spring got stuck in the stairwell as we were bringing it down..... oops.

It is a ton of work. My Mother stopped by mid shifting rooms and gave a look of disapproval... lol

We actually got our bedroom in place and by 6:30 last night Dom said "Lets pile in the car and grab Sonic" He hates Sonic by the way but it was fast and we were able to stay in the car.

The girls rooms will be tackled today. Sara is so excited that she can't stand it. Very cute. She actually made a plan (an elaborate diagram) seriously she did. Of how her room will be laid out. That is soooo Sara.
That is so not me... I just get a picture in my head. Well, having my coffee and then I am off to get started in day 2.

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