Friday, August 7, 2009

Lovely Friday

Cleaning, that is what I am doing today. trying to get somewhat organized.
It is a little strange Dom is out working, Emily is out with my Mom, Sara is out at a friends house swimming (thank goodness for friends with pools) and Madelyne is napping. It is sooooo quiet. Ahhh Peaceful. I have the windows open letting all the gorgeous fresh air in. Lovely Friday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toddler Gaucho Pants - tutorial

Add ImageAdd ImageToddler pants
old T shirt
some elastic
rotary cutter and
sewing machine
1/4 '' seams are used

1. Take a T Shirt and lay it out flat. I stole one from
my husbands dresser that he never wears anymore and I really don't
care for it anyway. Works out just dandy for

2. I take a pair of pants from our baby's dresser and make a template
of the leg. This is not an exact science.
In fact I made these legs a little 2 wide on these but it doesn't really matter.. Cut out one from the left side and one from the right side.

Take your Rotary Cutter and even up the top edges.

3. With your 2
pieces right sides together iron it nice and flat,
Add Image
while you are at it spray it with a little of your Best Press (smells pretty & makes it stiffer easier to sew on) I suppose
u can skip this step but pressing makes it easier to sew. Do what you will, people.

4. I forgot to pin my curve.... YOU use pins and pin your curves
now. After you have pinned sew down both curved sides. very easy, we are almost finished.
Remember 2 sides are right sides

Add Image

5. Now flip the pants. so the that the curved edges that you just sewed become the side seams. You are now going to sew the Inside leg. Please, use pins for this. A nice 1/4'' seam .

6. Turn down the top edge of your pant 1.5 " Sew a 1/4 '' seam around the top and bottom of the edge. Make sure that you leave enough space to put the elastic thru.

7. Run your elastic thru the casing you just made. Cut your elastic 1'' smaller then the child's waist measurement.

8.Sew the ends of the elastic together.

9. I took another old T Shirt and cut some strips ran a gathering stitch down the center gathered to make a ruffle and then pinned and sewed it onto the cuff of the pant. I did a row of blue ruffles and a row of green. I also cu a heart out from the green tee I had and just stitched around the edges.

This is just a guide you could get really creative here or just leave them plain if you prefer.

Happy Sewing

Here are another example. I took the words of the front of the tee and Stitched them onto the bum.

It has been about a month since my first and last post. My Grandmother, who I lived with and took care of 24/7 Passed away 5 weeks ago. So this was about the last thing on my mind. I have been doing a lot of sewing in order to keep my mind busy.....First Quilt I started and completed was our Oldest daughter, Emily. I love how it turned out. Funky and Fun. I am glad it was my first it was just big enough. So the second quilt I am making is one called Choc full of Charms. I started out thinking I would make it a table runner or wall hanging well it has bloosmed into a Twin Quilt for our 2nd daughter Sara. It is all 1930's reproduction fabrics. my FAVORITE! Her baby quilt is all 30's repros. My very talented Mom made that for her.

Back of Em's quilt

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