Monday, May 23, 2011

the end of the world, piano recitals, almost 2 years.... & a move to Georgia

I think I need to explain the picture below (Emily may kill me if she
see that I posted this shot) 
Sara had her Spring piano recital on Sat night. 
Just about the time Harold Camping said the Rapture would be 
happening. (If those people only would read Matthew 24 they
would see no one knows... except God) 
anyway, This whole End of the world judgement day was really 
really on Emily's mind. It really bothered her.... (she get's like that)
I told her, "Em, do you know where you are going" she said "yeah, Ma"
"Okay, then it really doesn't matter..." She just gets her self into a funk about things like
that. anyway, everyone (and by everyone I really only mean her Father) was teasing her.
and thus this lovely photo was born,
I actually quite like it. 

Do you think I would get a nice one? nah that would be to easy...
I do have some pretty kids though..

goof ball.... 

and here she is playing. 
She never plays with her music, but
she only learned her second peice about a month before.
It was Barrlow Girl, Mirror. 
She also played Pachabel's  Cannon.

I am so proud of her. 

SO, I just realized that it is almost my blogiversary.. (is that a word? ) oh well. 

I started blogging 2 years ago in June. 
It seems like so long ago,
but at the same time it feels like time hasn't even passed..
I realize this is a condescending and odd statement....

oh well, that's me... take it or leave it.

So anyway I figure I better do something like have a giveaway.. 
I will think of something and let all 48 of you know by the end of the month.
By the way it is a personal goal to have 100 followers by then,

just kidding...

50 will do just fine.

Next subject,
A woman (and her family) that has become much much more then just a friend 
is making a huge move in just a few short short weeks. 
I knew this day was coming... 
I just didn't expect it to come so soon.
June 19th is the BIG M day.
(moving day)

I know that I will talk and chat and blog and FB and text with her
while we will be so far apart...
Which in someways will make it easier, 

I just will miss her so much. 

I haven't had a friend like Jen, 
well, maybe ever. 


you know.... 
it is kinda crazy. 
But, God has all this planned out. 
I know that I will be driving 12 hours down to 
see her... 
(aubrey and zach too.)
Dom said I could go anytime I want.
Sara offered to come with so that she could stay and babysit 
Maddie and Aubrey! 

SWEET. love that kid. 

but I am still gonna miss her. 

 have to end with this crazy picture of Sara.... 
I think she was singing or something... LOL 

the end.

 Sorry for the loooong wordy post. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Honey this is your husband typing.You write so beautiful and take such great pictures.You are a talented women.You are an amazing wife and a wonderful mother.God has blessed me because i am with you.I know this is out of the norm for me so i am sure you will shocked so hopefully you are sitting down when you read this.To close i would like you to look around and know that God has blessed and given us each other(well at least me he did)and given us 3 wonderful children so keep your head up because he has taken care of us so far just keep your eye on him and he will provide all we need to make it thru the good and bad. I love you more than you know sorry i don't tell you more. Love Always,Dominic

Amanda Jo said...

Your daughters are beautiful!!! I love that she played Barlow Girl!! Wish we could hear it. :)

So sorry to hear about your friend moving far away. It's never fun/easy when that happens. I hope your friendship will continue to be just as sweet!!

Jen said...

First off, I LOVE that picture of Emily, SO funny! Second, Harrold Camping is a nutcase. And third, I DO NOT want to move. period. I don't know why the Lord planned it this way, but he did and I'm just along for the ride. I am so thankful for your friendship and it means SO much to me that you are so supportive and encouraging. I just pray that He lets us live in the same area again one day... and until then, maybe we'll suddenly come into big money so we can visit each other ALL the time ;)

marge said...

i know it's hard when friends move. is this long term or short term???
i'm glad the world didn't end. if it had, you'd have missed the beautiful recital! ;)
thanks for your encouragement with the whole project 31:17 thing. can't wait to hear how it's going for you!

LindsayAndrew said...

Thank you for your nice comments! I have to tell you how much I loved the post, with your daughter making an egg sandwich in goggles! Kids are so great!

LindsayAndrew said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Comments make my day! And I have to tell you how much I loved the post of your daughter, making am egg sandwhich, with goggles! So cute!!

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