Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I began to look thru my photos from the past year. 

I was really drawn to this one. 

It spoke to me. 

I have been dealing with some 

things lately. 

Things I don't really want to deal with. 

Somedays I  feel like that lost little child.

I don't want to feel like that. 

My husband did something yesterday that made me 

cry tears of joy

and think. 

He commented on my blog. 

I know that he reads it every once in awhile, 

But he wrote me the most lovely, 

heart felt comment.

It means more to me then any comment that I have ever been left.

(and I LOVE comments) 

He tugged at my heart strings. 

He reminded me of what is important. 

 & that God is in control. 

I need to let Him be in control. 

I love my husband.

I have known him 

almost 21 years. 


He knows me better then I know myself 

(most days)

I am thankful for him. 

He may not bring me flowers, 

He may not buy me fancy things. 

But He won my heart and

that means the WORLD to me. 

the end.



Jen said...

His comment was beautiful and it even made my day! I'm sorry you're going through a crap time...look at us, two peas in a (crappy) pod;) And FYI, that picture is SO wonderful! You've got one serious eye Amy!

marge said...

i saw that yesterday. what a sweetheart! and i'm glad he knows what a good thing he's got because you, my dear, are a keeper ;)

Astrid said...

Ummmmmmmm, hello?!? That even made me cry!! I love it when our husbands go and do something out of the ordinary. I think our self-worth at times is pretty low, being a stay-at-home Mom. It's hard work, super hard work, but in the eyes of the 'world' it isn't seen that way. If our husbands can recognize it for what it is,than that's enough ( and our kids appreciate it. They just don't know it yet ;)

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