Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Who knew toweling was so stinkin' cute? 

We happened upon the cutest new fabric store 
it is only about 10 min from me...

(uh oh)

This store is amazing. 
Amy Butler
Heather Bailey
Anna Maria Horner
Riley Blake
Michael Miller
need I say more? 

I immediately knew when I walked in
that this place was going to become a special place...
Okay, those of you who LOVE and adore fabric 
know exactly what I am talking about. 
(to those of you who don't I suggest you go to
a fabulous small privately owned store
 and get hooked.)

any ol' who...

She had some amazing toweling by MODA.
and I fell in LOVE.

I knew that I would place it upon my table. 
I bought some cute red pom pom trim 
came home 
ironed it and sewed the pom pom trim on 
placed it on my table 
and it was that easy. 

I started to think about what you could make
place mats,
cute little cafe curtain...
the possibilities are endless. 
and for 6 $ a yard,
It would be fun to change things up for summer.

Have  a great Tuesday. 


the end. 


Jen said...

Love it! It looks so cute with the pom poms! Mine has been ironed and placed on the table, but I didn't have the right trim for it. Guess I got to go back to the fabric shop...darn ;)

marge said...

how pretty. makes me want to buy some daisies and put them in a pitcher or mason jar. ah, summer is coming!

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