Wednesday, May 11, 2011

being who you are

My husband made a comment that 
he wasn't into my recent blogs lately. 
This was because I have been putting lots of pictures and
minimal writing...
I thought about this.

It is true and he is right
(Pains me to say that...)

I think I have not been entirely happy with myself 
and there for I don't feel like writing or
sharing what is on my heart. 

I feel like every once in a while 
I go thru this place (in my self) 

Just not feeling good enough...
Feeling like a failure...
Not really liking who I am as a person. 

I realize that when  I look back at these moments in my life...
the thing that is missing 



I get to feeling that how can he LOVE me...

Now I know
with all my heart
that he is the ONLY one who
will ever LOVE me with all 
my dings and dents
He is the only one that can truly lift me up and
put a crown of jewels 
upon my head. 

I know all this
and yet I stray from HIM
when I start to feel this way. 

I love this blog.
I love that I can feel free enough to 
write that down. 

I love that I know certain people 
will pray for me
after reading that...

Some that I have never even met.
Some that I know and Love.

I just want to be who God made me. 
I want to be a blessing. 
I want to me the very best me 
that I can. 

The End. 


Jen said...

You have me in tears.... That was beautiful, and you're right---I am praying for you:) I get that feeling all the time, how do we miss what it is?! I get to be a grump, everything sets me off and makes me mad, etc and all the while, I've been pulling away from Him. Lucky for us, He's always there waiting with open arms! I love you Amy and I love how raw you can be... Dom is right, your writing posts are awesome:)

marge said...

i think it's easy, especially on blogs, to edit what people see of you. if i want to appear upbeat, but don't really feel it, i can fake it for a few paragraphs on a blog post. it's hard to be real sometimes. and i appreciate you for doing it!

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