Friday, May 13, 2011

Giraffe take 2

I Loved the Giraffe Shirt that I made for
Maddie so much. 

 I had originally thought that it would be great on a bag. 
I had envisioned a big canvas bag. 
But what I found instead was a  bag made from cotton jersey
and you can wear it like a sling. 

I used my Amy Butler Soul Blossoms to create this giraffe.
I think it worked out just right. 
I ended up cutting the chenille on the bias and
I like the look ( it also doesn't fray as much when you wash it.) 

Just  a side note... 
If you end up making one of these
It takes forever to dry.... 
It has 5 layers of fabric. 
I might suggest a few less
for a shirt. 
( & Wouldn't this be cute on a little denim jacket.... )

Thank you Maddie who decided she wanted to 
be included in these pictures
Hardly ever happens. 

The last one is my favorite. 
My phone started to ring 
and she broke out into a dance,
that is so Madelyne. 

This bag is going to Maddie's favorite friend, Aubrey. 

The End.  



Jen said...

love love love love love LOVE!!! I'm thinking I might steal it from Aubrey..... And look who's posing?! Atta girl Maddie--she's just SO freakin cute!

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

I love this and the shirt! I only recently discovered blankets that were made like this and I love the use of this technique on bags and shirts. :) I love all your stuff!

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