Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinspiration Friday


Whose with me?

I thought I would share something I made a few weeks ago. 

Inspired by this pillow I found on  Pinterest. 

Isn't she adorable??

I love, love, love old airstream trailers. 

I did raw edge applique (sounds fancy) 

And I just drew out the shapes I wanted to make a pattern...

and then cut them out and stitched them on. 

I Adore Nicey Jane... LOVE is an understatement. 
and I got all this on sale... I think it was about 4 dollars a yard. 
YUP, amazing. 
For the bunting I used bakers twine ... 
turned out pretty. 

Now, this is one of those projects that I made that 
I look at and think of the things I would change. 
So here is what I should have done differently. 

The actual trailer should have been made out of the darker fabric. 
Either the blue or the green. 

and I should have stitched it on using a contrasting thread. 

I decided to add something more so I printed out 
onto my printable fabric 
"Where you go I will follow" 

The back is just some fine whale corduroy  that I had left over from 
the rollie pollie. 

I also made this pillow... 
I  found the pattern somewhere on the web... 
And I can't remember because I am getting old... 
It was a fairly simple block. 
I just happened to turn it into a pillow. 

they are happy and springy. 
Just what our living room needed. 

Please feel free to link up in the comments with anything you have
been inspired by pinterest to make. I would
love to see. 

Have a glorious weekend. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baking .. lemon loaf

I made this Lemon loaf Yesterday, 
I found the recipe on Mennonite girls can cook. 

It was scrumptious. 

Maddie and I tasted a little bit of the top.... 
as you might notice there is a piece missing. 

I doubled the amount of glaze I poured over it... 
It made the bread. 
I think If I make it again that I will add more lemon zest to it. 
maybe inside the dough. 

and here is my helper.... 
She is a very good helper. 
& she LOVES to lick the spoon. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


       making this right now.... mmm mmm mmm

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Lemon Layered Loaf  I will let you know how it was tomorrow....


Friday, March 23, 2012

pinspiration day..... (?)

I love pinterest. It is such a wonderful  place to gather ideas. 

But what good are the ideas if you don't do anything with them. 

So in my attempts to actually follow thru with something... 

I thought I could do a pinspiration day. 

If anyone wants to join along just leave a comment with 

a link to your blog post. 

Maybe a weekly feature.... 

So I saw this wreath a few months ago. 
I fell in love. 

 So simple and lovely. 
Looked like Spring and Summer all rolled into one fabulous wreath. 

I searched High and Low 
(okay only went to 2 stores)
to locate that Green Eyelash yarn.

I found it and bought 2 balls. 
It was on sale SCORE! 

I made a small wreath 8 inches... 
That sucker took a long time to wrap... 

and one entire ball of yarn. 

I then made a little flag on some printable fabric
glued it to a toothpick 
and shoved carefully placed it
in the wreath. 

I like a simple fabric bow so 
I just cut a width of some pink Kona Cotton
and tied a bow. 
I love it. 

It didn't stay on my front door... 
It went to a local shop to be sold. 

Pretty isn't she? 

If you would like to play along.. just leave a comment
with a link to your blog post. 

If this takes off like wild fire.. (ha) 
I will figure out how to host a link party. 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

just keep swimming... swimming... swimming


On Sunday, My best friend Had a baby boy about a billion miles away... 
My husband had about 2 hours sleep,
and my niece was in the second day of her Jr Olympic Swim. 
This was the 3rd day of traveling back and fourth for my sister
for this event. 2 out of her four children made it. 
Grace did exceptionally well and made it back for the finials. 
We decided to drive down to see her compete. 

Here is Ben, his first year swimming and he made it to the jr olympics 
he swam on Friday. (isn't he just the cutest!!!!) 
okay maybe I am a little biased... but come on...

Here is Grace waiting to go warm up and humoring her Aunty Em... 
(this is what she calls me.) 

This is the Canadian flag flying... 
For Jen... 

Grace before her race. 
Can we say focused. 

This man was in my way.... good grief.. these next few shots would have been
beautiful if he had moved.

It is wonderful to watch these kids support each other. 
They all love each other so much. 
Makes my heart happy. 

and this is Sara... the greatest Fan. 
She was with them from Friday on. 
She loves to go and support her cousins. 

What amazing kids we have.... 

oh and Grace did really well! We are all so proud of her! 
What a thrill it is to watch someone with so much talent and dedication. 
We are bursting with joy! 

Have a blessed day! 
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