Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay, I am drawing a blank trying to name this post.. 
So Redo it is. 

My Dad brought me this UGLY lamp. 
He got it for FREE! YAY Dad! 
He moved a huge library and they were throwing it out. 
He thought of me and snatched it up. 

First thing first... 
I ripped off the shade and 
found a  lovely skeleton. 
I was debating about leaving her like this 
and painting the brass lamp...

I had seen a long time ago somewhere on a blog...
(forgive me I can't recall where) 
She took the shade ripped strips and covered it in that. 
So I went to my stash and found these Heather Bailey fabric 
that I have had for a while. 
I thought that would be pretty. 

and started at it. 
Ripping and tying... 

and Voila... when it was done...
I HATED it. 
Looked horrible. 

that wasn't right. 

so again this morning I thought oh... put the strips on
the other direction. 
So I pulled the entire thing apart and started to  
the shade. 
and voila again... 
I loved it. 

I still may just paint that lamp... not sure yet. 
I kinda liked the brass .
I will live with her a while and then decide. 

not sure if I am going to leave it up on the mantel.. 
I kind of like it up there. 
I need one more small globe to add to my collection. 
The other night a jewelry commercial came on... 
Kay jewelers I think... they were showing a husband giving his wife some
diamond heart necklace.. 
(something I would NEVER want) 
I told Dom, instead of the necklace for Valentines day
he could just get me a small globe. 
He laughed. 



Jen said...

So funny that changing the direction on the fabric can make all the difference! I love lamp. And loving the Heather Bailey you already know I do ;) Fabulous job!

Kerrie said...

yess to horizontally looks amazing! I love it!

ginanorma said...

that is so so awesome Amy, I love it! I have never done that to make a lamp shade before, that is a super cool idea! Looks great!

Songbook said...

I love this idea! super simple and absolutely beautiful. I am going to make one! :)

Paul said...

Keep the Brass!!!

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