Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aqaurium, 
We went and it was so fun. 
What an amazing cool place to see God's creations. 

this first shot I took kinda freaked me out. I thought it was a real snake. There 
was no glass in between us and the "SNAKE" 
Seriously, it did look real and my
husband allowed me to think it was real for a few minutes as 
I rambled on about how I wasn't sure how safe that was... 
I am a dork.... 
(I am sure I saw it breathing...)

These are piranhas and I am quite certain that I would never swim anywhere they
might be living. They kinda creep me out. 

I have no idea why they had this chameleon there but he was really cool!

Did you know that sharks are nocturnal? I didn't know that. 
most of them were sleeping on the bottom ...
Dom was sure they were dead. 
hehe... they weren't.

Here is Nemo and his anemone. 
Took this one for Maddie .

I always thought star fish were really really neat! and they are. 

This fish was HUGE. It was a little bigger then a football. 
funny looking thing... 

and one of my favorites were the jellyfish. 
Arn't they cool...
You know they have no brain, heart or lungs....

this  seal lion was so curious. 
Dom is holding a quarter and the sea lion would 
actually follow it. 
Wherever Dom moved it he would go. 

And the Beluga Whales.... 
They are awesome! 
  It was mating season for them while we were visiting. 
He was actually challenging Dom. 
Dom would stand there and open his mouth and the whale would posture up to him open his mouth wider and make these funny noise. 
Then he would come over by me and try to snuggle with me... 
he would put his head on the glass and look at me... 
(the whale that is) he liked me...
Dom would come near me and the whale would flap its fins and open his mouth at Dom... 
we did this for at least 30 was so funny. 

It was wonderful to spend the day with my husband. 
Just the two of us. 

Just lovely. 



Jen said...

Love the beluga whales! Too funny and that shot of the one with his mouth open?!? Perfect!
And I bet you were loving the aquarium, but telling Dom how much the kids would love and enjoy it ;) hahaha I know you!

Paul said...

What fantastic pictures, Amy!! SO glad you both had a great time on your trip!!

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