Tuesday, January 31, 2012


back to New England, 

This is where we stayed. 
It was called the Whaler's Inn. 
It was one of the most lovely places i have ever stayed. 
Our room was the 3rd floor corner room on the right.
It had a beautiful 4 poster bed, a fireplace and it was so quiet. 

It was amazing. 

We happened to be right on the Mystic River. 

What a view. 

On the other side of the river... (still Mystic was the charming town) 
We walked over  a Drawbridge to get there. 
Anyone who knows me knows I have a 
deathly fear of bridges. So this was a big deal for me to walk over ....
(dom was bouncing the entire way to shake the bridge..0
YUP, that's my man. 

We happened to go into an army / navy store.... 
If I was  15 years younger I may have bought these... 
I thought they were hysterical. 

here is the famous Mystic pizza. 
Which we did not go to but heard it was very good...

The entire place was filled with charming little stores. 
We did go into a few antique stores but only  one stole my heart. 
It was called 


(Jen, you would have died and gone to heaven with me) 
It was vintagy goodness at its best. 
Eclectic and wonderful!
I could have spent hours in there.... 

Cool ironing board. 

fabulous marbles

a lovely vintage globe that my sweet husband bought for me....
(he thinks I am so weird that this is what I picked out)
The colors are amazing in this globe! 

loved these.. wish i had bought them

I think this was 4 bucks.. why didn't I get that too??

I was trying to convince Dom that I needed that globe to add to my existing globe so that
I could start a collection of vintage globes...

He had these hanging up catching the light.

So pretty. 

What a fun trip we had

to be continued.... 


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Jen said...

LOVE the pictures!! So glad to get a glimpse into your trip :) As soon as I saw the pictures of the oatmeal and mustard (and hadn't seen the caption yet) I thought "ooooo I hope she bought those!!!" Too funny. Great minds ;)

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