Thursday, January 26, 2012

worlds away

I got to work and watch an incredible artist on Tuesday. 
I feel blessed that God has given me a view into other worlds. 
far far away from my own. 
I was definitely in  a different culture then I had ever experienced. 

His medium is spray paint. Concrete Walls are his canvas.
I have never watched Carm paint before. 
but to put it simply it was like watching a ballet. 
His hands were fluid. like the can was an extension of his arm. 

He was so effortless about it. 

It was incredibly beautiful experience. 

I was taken to the cans... 
some had a rusty goodness about them that I adore. 
I am thankful. 
I am going to work on being more thankful for the things God is allowing me to do in my life. 


1 comment:

Jen said...

oooooooo! The cans ARE lovely!! How cool that through the eye of your lens you get a glimpse into another world! What an awesome experience :)

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