Thursday, January 12, 2012


I don't know what it is about the new year... 
but I have been cleaning and purging and trying...
to cut back. 
I have yet to tackle the living room closet... 
That is just overwhelming to me.... 
I wouldn't say I am messy. 
What I mean by that is my house looks tidy 
just do not open the closets. 
I have spent the entire week tackling a different room. 
I need to do this more often. 
probably about once a month.. 

but twice a year is pretty good too. 

I am enjoying my household duties. 
Keeping a tidy home for my husband and kids, 
cooking a nice hot meal to fill their bellies, 
stoking the fire to keep our home warm.

Speaking of husbands... 

 My husband and I are in need of some alone time. 
so I booked a little getaway for next week. 
Thursday till Saturday. 
At first I felt awful and guilty for leaving my kids...
But then Jen reminded me that 
we need to make time with our husbands. 
We need to. 
So we are. 
he doesn't even know where we are headed...
(kinda fun...) 
We have NEVER done this before. 
I am actually getting excited about it. 

So here is to keeping a home for your family
Here is to just how hard us Mom's work in our homes. 

and will you please forgive my lack of blogging. 

xoxo Amy


Jen said...

Yay!!!!! I've been working on trying to clean out closets and organize...not easy ;) and yay for a trip away, how exciting for you guys!!

ginanorma said...

Oh I love this, just simple sharing, hearing your thoughts, I'm really happy you are your husband are going on a little getaway, will be so so good for you {and him}

thanks for sharing your thoughts xo

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

I so need to give my a house a good cleaning. Like the baseboards how do they even get that dirty. Like where does it come from?;) ALso love that you guys' are getting away together for some one on one time. We all need that, jealous.;)

hannah singer said...

happy new year!
i hope your time away was refreshing and fun:)


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