Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas past

So being I haven't blogged (or uploaded my camera in a week)
Here are shots from Christmas...
By the way, 
does anyone else feel like they
rushed and rushed like a crazy person to try and get ready
for all the festivities... and now sadly its over? 

goes to quickly. Next year I want to be done with everything in November...
so that I can enjoy all of December.  
(one can dream)

Christmas morning. 

I made Maddie the Rollie Pollie Chair... 
the pattern is from MADE
I had been looking at it for a while 
the Friday before Christmas.. (yup 2 days before) 
I decided that Maddie needed to have that as a part of her Christmas.
I ran out and purchased everything on sale...
and it came together in a few hours. 
It was a HUGE hit in our house... 
everyone loves it. 
I made the Large and would like to make another. 
I used Amy Butler's Love in the Dec weight.
I will post on that more another day.... 

Emily may very well kill me for posting this picture but I don't care... 
see how happy even 18 year old daughters can be on
Christmas morning.... 
brings a bit of a tear to my eye... that I have a feeling their won't be to 
many more Christmas's like this... as kids get older... ya know...
Can't think about that... 

and Santa was very good to me. Even though I am pretty sure I didn't not deserve this little box. 
My Santa is so so good to me. 
He brought me the lens that I have been drooling over for months... maybe even a year...
11-18 mm Zoom Super Wide Angle. 
thank you Santa. 

and here is a shot with my new baby... and Sara shooting me back with her
little Sony Video Camera. Dom catching a nap and Maddie playing with her new 
tracks for Thomas... She LOVES Thomas the train. 

I gave my neices and nephews Monsters... 
they all LOVED them. 
In fact, they may have been their very favorite gifts of all...

This is a shot of the tree (and Sara) one week later.
Happy New Years Eve...
We were waiting for my sister and her family to arrive for a night of gaming. 

I took the waiting as a chance to get some shots of my ornaments. 
My Grandmother handmade these for me the very first year 
Dom and I were married.
almost 20 years old...
They are some of my favorites. 
She was amazing. 
(thought of her a lot this Christmas) 

These are some vintage glass balls that belonged to 
my father in law. 
They are so lovely and wonderful. 
Emily has claimed them as her own...
so one day they will leave our tree and 
go to hers. 

I love this shot.. may be my favorite from the past week. 

and every year I give the girls an ornament. 
This year they were all handmade. 
By a dear friend. They are all vintage bulbs. 
so beautiful! 

I have to tell you one last thing. 
I did purchase a gift and put it under the tree for myself. 
it was a pink cuckoo clock.
I thought this was quite humorous...
my husband did not see the 
humor in it... 

oh well... 
Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas week. 
Today we are playing hooky and going on a family day trip.
I am excited to relax and spend time with my
I love them. 
Each and everyone. 


rachael said...

i want to see the cuckoo clock :)

Paul said...

Thanks for sharing, Aim', and enjoy your day!!!

Jen said...

I want to see the cuckoo clock too!!! I love that you had a fabulous that you made your 18 year old happy....and love that she's gonna kill you for posting that shot ;)
yay for your new wide angle lens!!!!

Astrid said...

I love those vintage decorations---they were the ones that I always thought were so tacky when I was a kid, and couldn't understand why my Mom put them up. Now I want a whole tree of them! They're gorgeous!!
I love that your nieces and nephews loved their Monsters---they're lucky to have an aunt sew them beautiful stuff, just like my kids ;)
Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

hi amy! thanks for stopping by live.laugh.rowe. i thought i'd swing by and {loved} this post. loved the handmade and vintage ornaments. i think about both of my grandmas a lot around the holidays too.

new follower :) said...

beautiful shots.
the bulb shot in pink is fantastic.

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